Glock to leave Marussia according to German media

2013 F1 season

Timo Glock, Marussia, Korea International Circuit, 2012Timo Glock will not drive for Marussia this year according to a report in Sport Bild.

A team representative told F1 Fanatic in October they had a “long-term” deal with Glock which included a deal to race in 2013. There has been no official confirmation of the report Glock is leaving.

The report quotes Glock saying he has parted from the team on amicable terms and wishes “to make myself new challenges and continue my journey in motorsports”. It says the news will be made official tomorrow.

Glock joined the team when it entered F1 as Virgin in 2010. His 2012 team mate Charles Pic has moved to Caterham for this year and Max Chilton is set to take his place.

Update: Marussia have confirmed Glock is leaving:

Marussia confirm Glock?s departure

2013 F1 season

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54 comments on Glock to leave Marussia according to German media

  1. Spawinte (@spawinte) said on 20th January 2013, 21:10

    This better not be about Marussia wanting another pay driver or I am going to post such a long rant. However I don’t think a diatribe about the evils of neo liberal free market economics is suitable for this site.

  2. James (@jamesf1) said on 20th January 2013, 21:15

    Petrov to Marussia maybe? If that does happen, that might just save Kovalainen from the chop. Silly season still far from over.

  3. DaveF1 (@davef1) said on 20th January 2013, 21:17

    Great, loosing more talented drivers. If you can’t afford to race why start a team?

  4. sozavele (@formula-1) said on 20th January 2013, 21:23

    I don’t see the benefit of this to Marussia, why let an experienced talented driver go, who can lead the time and possibly score a point, for possibly a pay driver, one with little experience and new to the team. I fail to see how starting the team possibly with two rookies is good for them, I thought they would take the rise to Caterham this year, but now I am starting to doubt it, unless Caterham have signed Glock (highly unlikely as he is probably gone from F1). I just hope they wont pull up a new GP2 pay driver who won’t do anything for a bit of cash.

  5. The_Pretender (@the_pretender) said on 20th January 2013, 21:23

    It would definitely be a shame if Glock was left without a seat but after trundling around at the back of the grid for three years and no real prospect for moving up I think it might be good for him to try something new, like DTM or Le Mans (maybe with Porsche in 2014?). I’ll miss him in F1 though, he seems like a decent guy and his quotes (if correct) on his split with Marussia show what a class professional he is.

  6. petebaldwin (@petebaldwin) said on 20th January 2013, 21:25

    The one thing that has confused me up until now has been why Force India have been so quiet. I wonder if this is the reason?

    Marussia aren’t fast enough to benefit from having Glock so they may as well bring a pay driver in! Perhaps the extra cash can pay for a few extra designers or engineers who can really push the team forward?

    • Jay Menon (@jaymenon10) said on 21st January 2013, 0:05

      Good spot..Glock could well be on his way to FI. It would be a popular move I would say. It will be nice to see him running closer to the front again. Timo would be a good fit to FI, he will bring stability and consistency, as he has done throughout his career.

      Since Glock is leaving, I cant see anybody else but Petrov joining Marussia. With the Russian GP on its way, Marussia-Petrov would be the perfect marketing platform for any Russian backers..having said this, its quite a surprise that the high rollers from Moscow havent already parked their cash in F1..maybe they’re just interested in football perhaps?

      So, the musical chairs are far from over..

      • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 21st January 2013, 2:59

        Personally, I doubt Glock will move to Force India. Just because there is a free seat there and he might become a free agent, that doesn’t mean that the stars will align. Especially considering that the team is already believed to be well into negotiations with Jules Bianchi and Adrian Sutil for that second seat.

        The only way I could conceivably see Glock going to Force India is if Force India is sold. I have heard that Colin Kolles has some backing from German investors, and that they have put forward an offer to buy into the team. They’re just awaiting Vijay Mallya’s response and/or counter-offer.

        It would be a pretty dramatic change, but I think it would only work if it was Glock and Bianchi in Ferrari-powered cars run by Colin Kolles under a new name. Possibly Brabham, since the Brabham family won a legal case against someone who was using their name improperly. Or even (but less likely), Franz Hilmer, who runs Formtech – a “supplier” to Formula 1 teams (though quite what they supply is not clear) – and acquired Super Aguri’s assets when they folded; Hilmer also owns Hilmer Motorsport, which recently replaced Ocean Racing technology in GP2.

  7. Leventebandi said on 20th January 2013, 21:27

    Maybe It’s mutual. He’s still got a respect as a good driver, but if he will struggle for more years as a backmarker, it’ll be hurt, and I’m pretty sure that he would fade a bit away, and closer to the age where top level drivers usually need to stop their carreer. Now he’s got respect what can help him to sign to a team closer to top level in another league and race successfully instead of getting a profile on f1rejects…

  8. sozavele (@formula-1) said on 20th January 2013, 21:28

    I do see benefits in the rumour, for Glock, racing at the back for 3 years, not doing much hasn’t been great for him I think for him to join another racing category would now be in his best interest, shine in that instead of wasting more years at the back for the sake of an F1 seat.

  9. Gwilym said on 20th January 2013, 21:29

    Surprised that Glock’s leaving but wouldn’t be surprised if it was about money. F1’s financial regulations seem extremely biased against the small teams, particularly the massive difference between prize money for the top 10 and 11th-12th that almost certainly contributed to the demise of HRT.

  10. If Timo isnt on the grid next year then it will be an awful shame. I honestly think Timo has the talent be in a top 10 car.No Kamui, No Heikki and now No Timo next year..sad, sad!!!

    • I don’t really understand why you’re so disappointed about Kamui, Heikki and Timo leaving. In far over 10 seasons between them, they’ve recorded 1 win and a handful of podiums.

      At the end of 2009 Kovalainen and Glock gambled on (or were forced into) a new team, and that gamble hasn’t paid off. Not a point has been scored by either and we’re all being told that their performances in those small-team cars have been deserving of a top-team drive? Granted, on occassion, they have been spectacular, but, compared to a roster of team-mates that feature Trulli, Petrov and Pic ranked at the top, is it difficult to look spectacular once in a while?

      I know i’m coming across as overly harsh, and it’s disappointing to lose any driver, but I’d far rather see spaces open for Frijns, Da Costa et al, than proven-to-be-average Kamui, Heikki and Timo trudging around at the back.

  11. Hunt the Shunt (@hunt-the-shunt) said on 20th January 2013, 21:39

    I read somewhere that Timo has joined DTM with BMW ?

    • FlyingLobster27 said on 20th January 2013, 21:49

      Nextgen-Auto (French) reports that Glock sent a thank-you reply to a “welcome to the club” tweet from BMW-RLL’s American Le Mans Series driver Dirk Müller (do not confuse with DTM driver Dirk Werner). If it’s true, it’s either DTM (in which case definitely BMW) or ALMS.

      • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 20th January 2013, 22:16

        Presumably they’re also saying he deleted it as there’s no sign of it on there now?

        • FlyingLobster27 said on 21st January 2013, 8:33

          They haven’t retracted it in that article, or mentioned a deletion in a subsequent piece. Could be a case of jumping the gun…
          I’ve just noticed, however, that the link was malfunctioning; I can at least rectify that.

          • FlyingLobster27 said on 21st January 2013, 8:39

            And I’ve just gone and had a look at Dirk Müller’s Twitter… and the suspicious tweet was actually an answer to Glock’s tweet featured in today’s round-up – “I’m back on Twitter and watching Djokovic vs Wawrinka”. Hence “congrats and welcome to the club” from Müller…
            Badly played, nextgen. “Faute!”, in fact. :(

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 21st January 2013, 9:24

            That explains that one, then!

  12. Girts (@girts) said on 20th January 2013, 21:42

    I feel sorry for Glock and Marussia. Timo deserves to stay in F1 but it’s neither his, nor the team’s fault that he has to leave. Marussia lost the valuable tenth place in the championship and, according to what I have read, Bernie hasn’t offered them to sign the new Concorde Agreement either so it’s no wonder if the team is short of cash. I believe that they are clever people, who know what to do to make progress but they need the money. Shame on F1 that they have to get it by taking pay drivers.

  13. hoffy said on 20th January 2013, 21:46

    hmm…. glock to force india and senna to marussia??

  14. Mads (@mads) said on 20th January 2013, 21:58

    It would be a shame to see Glock go. And Marussia would loose a lot from not having him.
    But I would understand Glock if he was the one who decided this. He is trundling at the back of the grid. Yeah he might be able to get Caterham next year, or in 2014, but even if they do so they are not going to move a lot further then that until Glock is fit for retirement.
    Considering what he has done in F1 it seems a little pointless using the rest of his prime years gaining results which aren’t worth much to him and a similarly small pay check.
    I could easily see why he would rather take a sidestep and go to DTM, Le Mans, hell even Indy Car and get a machine where he can race in the sharp end and once again fight for results which might actually interest his future grand children.

  15. Wow, that’s a terrible shame. I can’t imagine that this is a decision which Marussia took willingly – it must have been forced upon them by economic circumstances. Life really is tough at the back end of the grid, it’s always been so in Formula One but nevertheless it would be nice if all of the teams could enjoy a measure of financial stability. In any event, best of luck to Timo in his future endeavours.

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