Toto Wolff, Williams, Shanghai, 2012

Wolff moving from Williams to Mercedes

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Toto Wolff, Williams, Shanghai, 2012In the round-up: Williams executive director Toto Wolff will take over as director of motorsport at Mercedes following the departure of Norbert Haug.


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Wolff to run Mercedes motorsport (BBC)

“It is understood to be possible for Wolff to continue having a shareholding in Williams while running the Mercedes motorsport department. But he will not be able to continue in his role as the team’s executive director.”

Motor racing fuels spin-off technologies (FT, registration required)

“The single piece cockpit designed to protect a Formula One racing driver in a crash has been incorporated into the Foxhound?s design to ensure the pod, or the area where the soldiers sit, can withstand roadside bombs.”

Formula 1 teams in talks about joining electric racing series to be launched next year (This is Money)

Formula E chief executive Alejandro Agag: “When the drivers speak to their team, we will put them on speakers so you can actually hear them during the race.”

Adam Parr turns the page (Autosport, subscription required)

“I think the appropriate action [would be for] the EU should step in to stop the new [Concorde] Agreement taking effect and put in place temporary measures, interim measures, to keep everything going on a fair basis while they conduct their investigation.”


Comment of the day

Disappointment greeted the yet-to-be-confirmed reports that Timo Glock is leaving Marussia:

I feel sorry for Glock and Marussia. Glock deserves to stay in F1 but it’s neither his nor the team’s fault that he has to leave.

Marussia lost the valuable tenth place in the championship and, according to what I have read, Bernie hasn?t offered them to sign the new Concorde Agreement either so it?s no wonder if the team is short of cash.

I believe that they are clever people, who know what to do to make progress but they need the money. Shame on F1 that they have to get it by taking pay drivers.

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Five years ago today Williams launched their 2008 contender in a special interim livery which included a list of names of the team’s fans.