Jacques Villeneuve, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Williams, Melbourne, 1997

Australian Grand Prix needs “revitalising”

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Jacques Villeneuve, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Williams, Melbourne, 1997In the round-up: The Australian government says its race needs to bring in more revenue.


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Plans to rev up ailing grand prix (The Age)

“The government signalled it would embark on efforts aimed at ‘revitalising’ the event ahead of negotiations to renew the contract when it expires in 2015.”

McLaren-Cheftechniker zu Mercedes (Bild, German)

Bild claims Paddy Lowe will follow Lewis Hamilton from McLaren to Mercedes.

Motoring journalist forced to pay ??110k to Porsche owner?? after test drive blew up the engine (SWNS)

“Mr Hales, an experienced race driver and journalist, claimed he entered a gentleman?s agreement with Mr Piper so any mechanical damage was covered by the owner. But the former F1 racer [David Piper], 82, denied any conversation existed and took Hales to the High Court last week seeking ??48,000 in damages.”


Comment of the day

@Andae23 says Marussia deserve some credit for how they handled the loss of Timo Glock:

Sad to see Glock go.

I?m happy though that John Booth is honest about it: Marussia made an official statement, in which Booth explains that although they would love to continue with Timo, that is financially not possible for them. In the past, we?ve seen many experienced drivers leave a team without any official statement from the team about their department ?ǣ usually it is one small paragraph, Marussia made it an entire article.

Hope other teams can learn from this.

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Mike Hawthorn lost his life in a road car accident on this day in 1959, just over three months after winning the world championship and retiring from Formula One.

Image ?? Williams/LAT