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Pirelli plans to give F1 a speed boost 23rd January 2013, 16:10

F1 lap times have been getting slower in recent seasons but that could be about to change as Pirelli plans to give drivers a performance boost this year.

Kubica says he will return to F1 if he feels fit enough

Robert Kubica says he will consider returning to Formula One if the arm he injured in a rally crash in 2011 heals sufficiently.

Pirelli aims for faster laps and more pit stops in 2013

Pirelli say their new range of F1 tyres will produce quicker lap times and more pit stops in 2013.

Wolff plays down ‘Brawn out, Lowe in’ rumours

In the round-up: Lowe in, Brawn and Fry out rumoured at Mercedes ?σΤιΌ?σ Mexican GP could return ?σΤιΌ?σ Australian GP fees revealed ?σΤιΌ?σ Pirelli deny Kobayashi rumour

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