Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Mercedes were in the headlines this week for reasons other than Lewis Hamilton’s first public appearance for the team.

The surprise hiring of Toto Wolff from Williams was followed by speculation that he had lured Paddy Lowe from McLaren to join him and that team principal Ross Brawn would have to make way.

While all this was going on Hamilton was checking out his new team. What did he make of them? That’s for you to decide in the latest Caption Competition.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrow’s round-up.

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

216 comments on “Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes”

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  1. Who’s the boss around here?!

  2. “Lewis, I told you not to leave it parked on the street.”

  3. Lewis – “I think we need someone from Mclaren to fix this car..”

    1. Haha love this

    2. @todfod I wouldn’t let those fools anyhere near my car….they do a good enough job of ruining their own chances ;)

  4. Guys, I think I’ve found the dead horse you seemed to be flogging last year…

    1. Almost fell off my chair. :)

  5. Dat ass..

  6. Henry (@scuderiaexxon)
    26th January 2013, 10:07

    Lewis: Hmm, it dosent quite match Nicole`s backend but, close enough ;)

  7. “So, there’s a hole for the legs, and I must run very fast to win…”

  8. I need to get used to looking at the back of cars this year

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      26th January 2013, 10:14

      HAHAHAH good one!

  9. Who stole my skis?

    1. hahaha good one

  10. No secret diffuser? Crap, I’m screwed.

  11. Lewis: I still don’t see how I can put the rest of the car in that bin.

  12. “Ross! You can come out now!”

  13. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    26th January 2013, 10:13

    Lewis: “Mmmm… I like my cars, like I like my women; uncovered, and on stilts… In an expensive German factory.”

    1. lol – Fantastic

  14. If you watched the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” when that scientist said: ay ay ay ay ay…while watching his car climbed up the tree :))))) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl4tfUw–aY

  15. “Emm.. Something appears to be missing….”

  16. DAT ASS.

    1. Me gusta

  17. “That’s an unusual design for the front wing, Ross.”

  18. The tyre degradation issues at Mercedes are worse than Lewis ever imagined.

    1. good one :)

    2. So many great captions on this one. :)

  19. Driving the wheels of this car must be hard when there’s… no wheels on it.

  20. “Guys, you really think that painting rainbow-colored unicorns on the rear end will give us extra downforce?”

    1. this actually made me laugh

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