Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Brackley, 2013

Mercedes were in the headlines this week for reasons other than Lewis Hamilton’s first public appearance for the team.

The surprise hiring of Toto Wolff from Williams was followed by speculation that he had lured Paddy Lowe from McLaren to join him and that team principal Ross Brawn would have to make way.

While all this was going on Hamilton was checking out his new team. What did he make of them? That’s for you to decide in the latest Caption Competition.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below and a selection of the best will be chosen for tomorrow’s round-up.

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216 comments on “Caption Competition 28: Hamilton at Mercedes”

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  1. “Martin, what have you done with the Vodafone logo?”

  2. “This is frickin’ ridiculous, they forgot to put the wheels on…”

  3. “If this were a Mclaren, I’d have a face full of smoke now”

  4. davidnotcoulthard
    26th January 2013, 15:08

    Tyrrell went from running a skeleton team to running a skeleton car!

  5. I’m so tired of Hembrey trialing these experimental tyres on our car

  6. “Guys, I promise. Michael & Norbert said they were just coming in to get their stuff and leave.”

  7. I wonder if i can fit a rocket launcher here?

  8. I’d like to look up your rear wing.

  9. vuelve kowalsky
    26th January 2013, 15:23

    It has to be an unfunded rumor, because paddy lowe is nowhere to be seen.!!

  10. “Hey guys, where does the McLaren badge go?”

  11. How can I get to the other side without running into another car?

  12. J.M. Brosseau
    26th January 2013, 15:27

    “What the … You expect me to … Aw, come on, guys !”

  13. Lewis: ‘German engineering, eh?’

  14. Lewis: ‘Looks like I will be racing only Maylander’s SLS with this :(‘

  15. “Ahh, so that’s what the back of a Mercedes looks like”

  16. I am going to tweet the telemetry on this bugger too…. What have I done…

  17. Oh no, this rear diffuser looks nothing like Red Bull’s.

  18. I don’t care what technical geeks we have stolen from other teams this just ist going to be as good a back end as red bulls will be !!!!

  19. The car might lack a few bits and pieces, but at least the anti-roll bars look okay. phew.

  20. Lewis noted that Mercedes seems to be so hungry this year, that they already ate their tires!

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