Lotus E21 nose, 2013

Allison expects rivals’ cars to have stepped noses

2013 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Lotus E21 nose, 2013Lotus technical director James Allison believes the team’s rivals will also have stepped noses on their cars as the E21 does.

The 2013 technical rules allow teams to add ‘vanity panels’ to their cars to cover up the unsightly stepped noses which appeared on most cars last year. But Allison believes adding one would be too much of a compromise on performance:

Asked if other teams will use them he said: “I?m guessing not.”

“There is one rule which opens the possibility for a change as we will now be permitted to fit a non-structural ??vanity panel? on the upper surface of the nose as a means of avoiding the duck-bill style designs that we saw in 2012.

“However, such a panel is optional and I would not be surprised if the majority of the grid chose not to make use of it. The panel will add a few grams of weight and so is only likely to run on the car if a team can find a performance benefit for doing so.”

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Image ?? Lotus/LAT