McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-28 (side)

McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-28 (side)

McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-28 (side)

Comparison of the 2013 McLaren MP4-28 and its predecessor, the MP4-27.

The comparison images will not have been taken from the same angles and so some differences between the cars will appear distorted.

3 comments on “McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-28 (side)”

  1. Nose lifted, Rear wing trimmed and exhaust pushed back in, Welcome to the MP4-28.

  2. looks like there might be something interesting happening with the sidepods—both at the front openings and in the exhaust zone.

    also the mirrors look more sturdily attached. Lewis needed those in 2011.

  3. A hybrid of an already quick Mclaren with a couple of “Red Bull-esque” ideas. Let’s see what everyone else brings to Jerez

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