Ferrari F138 launch – first pictures and video

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Ferrari F138, 2013

The Ferrari F138 has been launched by the team in Maranello.

Ferrari retain their driver line-up of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa for the fourth year in a row as it bids to taste championship success for the first time since 2008.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali described the car as an “evolution” of the car which the team raced in 2012 and said it represented the “first step” in the team’s development for this year.

The F138 was developed under the internal code name 664 and is the first product of the team’s technical reorganisation.

The car retains the pull-rod front and rear suspension used on last year’s car. According to the team the car’s bodywork has been redesigned to improve its aerodynamic performance – a key weakness of recent Ferraris.

The F138’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System has been revised and lightened. However Ferrari stressed they are keen to repeat the high levels of reliability they enjoyed with the F2012.

Ferrari F138 video

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Images ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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106 comments on Ferrari F138 launch – first pictures and video

  1. Adam Blocker (@blockwall2) said on 1st February 2013, 11:37

    Absolutely beautiful. Best looking car so far.

  2. ME4ME (@me4me) said on 1st February 2013, 11:51

    wow those are some tight sidepods. Wonder if they really pushed cooling capacity to the utter minimum needed (even for F1 standards).

  3. Ben (@scuderia29) said on 1st February 2013, 12:03

    thankyou thankyou thankyou ferrari! for showing that the livery can have continuity from year to year without being exactly the same! (i.e mclaren) i do quite like this new livery, i do wish they would get rid of that horrible logo on the engine cover though, ive always hated that. Im in the minority when i say i quite like the way last year ferrari looked, the nose seems almost boring when compared to the f2012 but overall its a decent looking ferrari, it will look even better to me if it can win the title ;)

  4. Tommy C (@tommy-c) said on 1st February 2013, 12:20

    Very much looking forward to seeing this one hit the track! F1 cars are pretty again! Yay!

  5. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 1st February 2013, 12:59

    Beautiful looking car. I especially like the use of red on the front wing. I also really like the chunky look of the nose and front wing pillars. Hopefully it’s as fast as it is beautiful.

  6. Michael Brown (@) said on 1st February 2013, 13:46

    Awesome livery

  7. DM0407 (@dm0407) said on 1st February 2013, 14:29

    I’m sure its been said, but didn’t Ferrari last win the Championship in 07 and not 08?

  8. Maciek (@maciek) said on 1st February 2013, 14:32

    Bit busy for a Ferrari, but it makes a good looking car. The modesty panels now only reinforce for me just how unnatural the stepped noses looked on racing cars.

  9. Christopher (@twiinzspeed) said on 1st February 2013, 15:57

    I know I’m biased, but the car looks great! The nose seems higher and the rear is tighter. I like the livery with the white stripe on the sides. The front view looks really mean. Many people are saying the car looks alot like last year, but remember, it finished 2 and 3 in the last race. If they keep all the good things from 2012 and improve the aero, this car has plenty of potential to bring Alonso #3 and Ferrari another Constructors title. If Felipe is on form like he was in Brazil, Ferrari will be hard to beat. 2013 is looking like an exciting year already. :)
    IMO Maclaren will drop a little with the loss of Hamilton. Mercedes will move up with said Hamilton. Lotus may improve now that Kimi is full tilt at the beginning of the season. And it looks as though it will be RBR vs Ferrari and or 1 of the other 3 mentioned. I can’t wait…….

  10. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 1st February 2013, 16:14

    I really wish I still had photoshop, but this is roughly what I would have done instead of the curve!

  11. zenmaster said on 1st February 2013, 16:34

    zen master says that come australia 2013 and redbull will be p1 ,maclaren p2…ferrari will be third or fouth best…mark the words of zen master…that ferrari is a dud

  12. charles (@charles) said on 1st February 2013, 16:35

    damn the new ferrari looks sexy
    and fast

  13. luchingador said on 1st February 2013, 16:58

    as i was expecting AMD logo is gone… shame, GOOD LUCK AMD!!

  14. Fixy (@fixy) said on 1st February 2013, 17:44

    I don’t like how these cars have a nose which is at the same height as the cockpit rather than going downwards, but it’s still an ernormous improvement over last season.
    I like how the livery is darker, with a red which is more pinkish than orange, and I like the front and rear wings which look more similar to the beautiful 2007-09 liveries. The extra black is not bad but the white looks strange, and although the colour itself fits well it looks out of place.
    I like the fact that in these two years the cars are nearly identical to their predecessors, it makes me feel like we have reached the maximum performance possible and there is nearly nothing to improve!

  15. Michael Brown (@) said on 2nd February 2013, 1:06

    So this is Ferrari’s 59th F1 car. Why is this, for a team that competed in F1 since 1950?

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