Force India VJM06 launch – first pictures and video

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The Force India VJM06 has been revealed for the first time. The fourth F1 car to be revealed this year broke cover today at Silverstone.

Force India fell from sixth to seventh in the championship despite increasing their points haul.

Paul di Resta has been announced as one of the team’s drivers for this season however the identity of his team mate is yet to be confirmed. Deputy team principal Bob Fernley said they were not naming his team mate today as they “didn’t want to confuse the two stories”.

Force India’s chief operating officer Otmar Szafnauer said the team began work on its 2013 car earlier than usual: “We stopped development of the last car in the latter half of last year, and that?s given us a great platform to work from.”

“I expect it to be very competitive this year. The regulations are stable and I expect the field to be as competitive, perhaps even more so than it was in 2012.”

Technical director Andrew Green said the limited scope for innovation under the technical rules forced them to be more aggressive in their pursuit of performance:

“Gains are harder and harder to find due to the regulation stability, so we couldn?t hold back. We had to redesign everything to maximise the potential of the car.”

He added that the team’s focus in testing will be getting to the bottom of Pirelli’s new tyres for 2013: “The new tyres haven?t had too much of an impact on this year?s design. It?s been quite small, really.

“We?ve left ourselves a few options to look after the tyres and keep them in their optimum windows.

“What it will do is drive our winter test programme massively. Our focus in testing will be all around the tyres. It?s one thing we don?t really understand at the moment and we probably won?t until we start running them.

“Ever in winter testing it will be difficult to get the complete picture, running around Barcelona is not going to be the same as running in Melbourne.”

Quotes and additional reporting by Dan Cross.

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77 comments on “Force India VJM06 launch – first pictures and video”

      1. Here is what Indian flag colours symbolise-
        Saffron: Sacrifice.
        White: Purity.
        Green: Our relation to the soil/environment.
        Blue wheel (Ashok Chakra): Wheel of truth (dharma)

        This is what Force India must follow if they want to display the colours.

      2. The orange is still the Spyker F1 orange, as to the India theme… sorry that’s all played out now. Vijay’s no longer pulling the strings, besides where’s India Next F1 Driver!?
        Chandok, Kartikeyan all long gone. So will Sutil makes his come-back!? Whoops Dr. Kolles is no longer involved. #politics

  1. That nose from that angle reminds me of some of the Schumacher Ferrari’s.. A call back to my early years as an F1 fan, makes me feel quite nostalgic.

    It looks brilliant, but unfortunately I’ve seen the Ferrari, and it’ll take a lot to make a car that looks better than the F138 in my opinion…

  2. They had this same problem in 2011 or 2010, i think, where they launched the car via a live feed, which crashed within minutes of the launch. They gave a stupid reason in facebook at that time. Wat now?

    1. I believe, as with all of these reveals, the cars we will see come track time will differ. Don’t be surprised to see the Lotus with either a modesty panel or a duct of some sort on their nose, if not maybe an egg as mentioned by @pmelton maybe laid by an Angry Bird?

  3. Well, nothing fancy but it looks sleek and clean, to be honest. I kinda like it. Let’s hope it runs a bit better than it did last year and all should be good.

    I suppose they didn’t reveal the 2nd driver’s name, by accident, did they?

  4. 4 launches, and McLaren are top of the bill for presentation again.
    Ferrari feed was poor and grainy, Force India : never got in to it because a great big panel to sign in to Force India filled the screen, also the feed was totally overloaded and stalled. Force India fail again, last year was the same. Lotus, missed it.

    1. I think Lotus’ launch was the best. It started when it was supposed to (no waiting), it lasted just 15 minutes, it was in HD, and it was straight to the point (no need for long speeches ala Luca Monte).

    1. @skett – there was a good idea suggested by one of my friends that they should have confirmed their driver line-up by Di Resta uncovering the car, revealing the second driver sitting in the cockpit. I think that would’ve been a very good idea!

    1. lol, actually i like him, he is too young now, and has the capability of doing big, hope this car will bring some fortunes to Force India And resta. Btw I like the car too.

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