Luiz Razia official website, 31st January 2013

Razia’s website claims he will drive for Marussia

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Luiz Razia official website, 31st January 2013In the round-up: Luiz Razia will drive for Marussia in 2013 according to his official website.

Ferrari and Force India launches

Two more new F1 cars for 2013 are coming our way today.

The covers will come off the Ferrari F138 in Italy at 9:30am UK time (10:30am) in Italy. You can watch it live on Ferrari’s website.

Hot on its heels will be the Force India VJM06, which is due to be uncovered at 10:15am at Silverstone. This is also being streamed live on the internet – head over here to watch it (it looks like you need to register so best to get there early).

And of course, keep an eye on F1 Fanatic for pictures of the cars and more from both launches.


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Luiz Razia

Luiz Razia’s official website says he will join Marussia as Brazil’s second F1 driver this year.

Lotus’s James Allison says he intends to honour his contract with the team (Sky)

“I have a pretty long contract with this team. I take contracts very seriously and I intend to honour that in every aspect.”

McLaren won’t race passive double DRS (Autosport)

Director of engineering Tim Goss: “We’ve been looking at such systems for a couple of seasons now and, as you have seen, we haven’t run one yet – so heavily pursuing it would not be the right description.”

How to make an F1 car, part five (BBC)

“Within 10 laps of the car hitting the track, a team will know whether their product is more or less what they thought it was. Occasionally, though, a team will get a nasty surprise – as Ferrari did last year.”

Another take on F1 (Austin-American Statesman)

“The interview is captured on page 43 of [Adam] Parr?s book. Yes, I did have a tape recorder with a red light. But no, I did not wear spurs into the lobby bar of the Four Seasons for the interview.”


Comment of the day

Are we cynical or just realistic?

McLaren: “Paddy Lowe is definitely staying!”
F1 Fanatic commenters: “Now we know he?s definitely leaving!”
Bendanarama (@Bendana)

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On this day in F1

McLaren launched their 2013 F1 car yesterday and one year ago today they revealed their contender for 2012. It turned out to be the fastest car of the year and won six races but no championships: