Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, W03, 2012

Mercedes W04 to be shown for first time today

2013 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, W03, 2012Mercedes will give the first view of their new F1 car on their website later today.

In a novel step, the speed of the launch will be determined by how often people post the hashtag #F1W04Reveal on Twitter.

According to the team: “Each Tweet will trigger the opening of a garage door on our website, behind which is hiding the new F1 W04. And the faster you retweet it, the faster the car will be revealed.”

The event will begin on Mercedes website from 4pm UK time.

The formal launch of the car will take place at Jerez on Monday.

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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  1. Geez… the site loads slower than than an HRT. Is there a 7 second rule for websites?

  2. Pathetic.

  3. i could see the website crash coming the second they announced they were going to unveil it today. It wasn’t a bright idea to announce the reveal only a few hours before it happens and then only have it in one location on a website that didn’t have the capacity to handle it… and during the weekend! I’ll check back in an hour or so

  4. 2013 Fail of the year :)

  5. This is absolutely brilliant – a comparison of all 2013 F1 cars so far (including Mercedes)


    1. Brilliant. Cannot stop laughing.

      1. At least it doesn’t have a stepped nose ;)

    2. That’s fantastic!

  6. Wow, if twits are needed to get this car out of the garage, what are they going to need for qaulifying?

  7. They’ve tweeted a picture of where it would be by now. Looks like ‘modesty’ panel also, no step nose :] Cant see much else

    1. Don’t be so sure, just yet :P The Sauber appears to have no step nose at certain angles, and Mercedes could well have something similar…

  8. If Mercedes are going to be as fast as their workers speed to solve the problem in the server they are going to be last.

  9. So far no pictures?

  10. Site is still down.

    Nice idea, poor execution.

  11. CarnivorousPope (@)
    2nd February 2013, 20:13

    I can get in now

  12. Here’s what I managed to doctor so far…I’ll keep trying though. :)


  13. Currently 8.48 right? and still just darkness, I wonder if that garage door needs some oil “3 in 1”

    1. lol hahaha

  14. I think the Mercedes F1 website is so dull and un-iteresting, i’m not surprised their launch is in a similar vein. I’m a huge Lewis fan so I’m trying to find anything to give me a motivational lift but I can’t help but notice Mercedes just doesn’t have the panache.

  15. Which will arrive first- Grosjean’s baby or the Mercedes? Any bets? :p

    1. grosjean’s baby ;)

  16. For what i can see from the preview on their site, it looks like similar to the 2011 Mercedes W02.

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