Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, W03, 2012

Mercedes W04 to be shown for first time today

2013 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, W03, 2012Mercedes will give the first view of their new F1 car on their website later today.

In a novel step, the speed of the launch will be determined by how often people post the hashtag #F1W04Reveal on Twitter.

According to the team: “Each Tweet will trigger the opening of a garage door on our website, behind which is hiding the new F1 W04. And the faster you retweet it, the faster the car will be revealed.”

The event will begin on Mercedes website from 4pm UK time.

The formal launch of the car will take place at Jerez on Monday.

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  1. Good marketing idea for those who might enjoy, I don’t want to spoil your fun. Bad marketing idea for people like me who don’t like jumping through hoops to see photos of your soon to be displayed all over the web new race car only to find out your website has crashed anyway. I’m all involved in the tech world as a web designer and developer, social media manager and content provider, etc. But, this idea is bound to make more people unhappy than it will make happy. Especially when your website does not have all its ducks in a row ready to handle the demand. I chose not to participate in this scheme and laughed upon reading that the website crashed. Now, if folks were tweeting for a chance to win a free Mercedes, that might be something. A bit schlocky still, but at least some value added. Anyways, I can wait to see what their new car looks like. Hope it runs better than their website.

  2. And here it is. The no step in the nose. Very interesting front end

      1. Lewis has posted a short clip of it driving past too

    1. Was just gunna post this :] cant wait to see more shots

  3. I don’t think it would win a prise

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