Sauber C32 launch: First pictures and video

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The Sauber C32 has been revealed by the team at its base in Hinwil, Switzerland.

The team aim to build on a successful 2012 season which included four podium finishes. But they have an all-new driver line-up to get used to with Nico Hulkenberg arriving from Force India to partner their former reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez.

“We have very high expectations of them and they know that,” said team principal Monisha Kaltenborn prior to the car’s launch.

Sauber C32, 2013“We put some good foundations in place last year. And now we want to build on that base and continue to improve as a team,” Kaltenborn added.

She played down suggestions that the team were aiming to break into the top five in 2013: “We?re not saying we want to finish in this or that position in the standings, as ultimately other factors will also come into play that are outside our control. What we can be clear about, however, is that we want to continue on our upward curve.”

Kaltenborn is starting her first full season as team principal, a position she inherited from Peter Sauber last year.

“On the one hand, not that much has changed for me since I took on the role, because I was already involved in a lot of things beforehand ?ǣ like the team principal meetings, which I?ve been attending for some time already.

“On the other hand, it is still something special because now all the responsibility rests on my shoulders. And that creates a certain extra pressure, of course.”

Chief designer Matt Morris said the C32’s predecessor was an “extremely competitive car” and the new car aimed to “eliminate its few weaknesses”.

“Over the course of last season we invested a lot of time and energy in developing a better understanding of our car. To this end, we focused primarily on the aerodynamic effects around the rear of the car.

“Our aero experts have done some great work in this respect, the basis of which has been used to develop the C32.”

More pictures of the drivers’ helmets can be found in their updated biographies:

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  1. It´s a very good looking car! Much better looking than last year´s, livery wise. The side pods look small but the opening is huge!

  2. Overall I think the car looks brilliant. The sidepods are gorgeous. The back end is wonderful, the livery I think is good and looks very classic. But the step in the nose is still not great.

    1. They’ll probably smooth out the step.

  3. Ron Dennis must be pulling his hair out: ‘matching tyres, why did we use those yellow softs at the launch?’

    1. Orange hard tyres would’ve been a nice touch.

  4. Best looking car of those that has been revealed!

  5. I’m still surprised that cars with engines supplied by Ferrari, still don’t advertise Ferrari on them like Mercedes and Renualt.

  6. Hmm, although I like the look of the car I’m gong to wait until I see them all on track before deciding which one looks the best.

  7. Nice looking motor. From my perspective, so far it’s Mclaren & Sauber as best looking, Force India 3rd, Ferrari just slightly behind and running up the rear (so to speak) Lotus. Bring on Sauber, Merc & Red Bull!

    1. @mickrock

      Bring on Sauber Williams, Merc & Red Bull!

      I believe that’s what you intended to say? ;) Anyway I pretty much entirely agree with your comment, although I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the Caterham (although as a RBR fan the RB9 is my most anticipated launch)!

  8. I think I’m on my own on this one but that for me is the worst livery so far by a big margin.

    Way too much grey. Last years livery was perfect.

    1. @zantkiller Each to his own, but… really? Last year’s Sauber looked like it had been coloured in with a marker pen by a four-year-old who got bored halfway through.

      1. I just don’t particularly like solid coloured cars.
        If I had to choose colours that kinda work when they are on their own it would have to be bright Ferrari red or white.

        I don’t really like the look of any of the current cars so far but I think the Force India is probably the best out of them.

    2. No your not on your own…whilst I wouldnt say it’s by some margin, its definitely my least favourite so far…the white and red ribbons are a nice touch, but I find that bland grey tone a bit dull……whilst it looks quite sleak under studio lighting I’d agree, I think it will just look boring in normal light…

  9. Finally Sauber has brought a car that is good to look at again. I like the intricate livery, and the rear end has been reduced to the minimum.

    Only a shame there are hardly any sponsors on the car.

  10. Looks terrific! Really, really like it. It looks a bit evil, a bit menacing. Can’t wait to see it in action.

  11. Is it just me, or is it really hard to get a good idea of what this car looks like because of a combination of the color, gloss and lighting? The swoopy parts of the livery, and the basic colors, first reminded me of the old Super Aguri cars (but the road jersey version)! Ironic, being Sauber just fired their japanese driver because he’s too poor….

  12. Sensational. Looks “The business”

  13. Abdurahman (@)
    3rd February 2013, 0:11

    Niiccceeeee, I’m digging it. Grey is the new black. Although I think somebody should come out with a matte black livery.

  14. Sauber congratulations, You are the 2013 World Preseason Champion™!

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