Red Bull RB9 launch: First pictures and video

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The Red Bull RB9 has been seen for the first time at the team’s base in Milton Keynes.

This is the car the team hope will bring them a fourth consecutive constructors’ championship. Sebastian Vettel is aiming for the same in the drivers’ championship – but team mate Mark Webber will be out to claim the title for himself.

Team principal Christian Horner said continuity and stability within the team gave him confidence they could capture both championships for the fourth year in a row.

“We’ve got continuity in the driver line-up for a fifth year. We’ve got continuity throughout all of the key technical areas,” he said.

“There’s a fierce determination to keep both those trophies in the cabinet at Milton Keynes for another year.”

Chief technical officer Adrian Newey described the car as an evolution of the previous year’s RB8. He said the car does incorporate a vanity panel, though it does not extend to the full length of the nose as the increased weight could not be justified.

The RB9 has a slightly revised colour scheme incorporating more purple, to reflect the team’s title branding from Infiniti.

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  1. Won every title for 3 years this is a slightly tidier version of those cars. Looks and sounds good to me. Whoever can beat this will probably win the title. Hope it’s Ferrari. Whoever you like this will be the main car to beat going by the past 3 years.

  2. So far, regarding cars launches, the underwhelm-ness of Red Bull’s launch is matched only by Mercedes’ online incompetence.

  3. It seems to me that out of the cars launched so far the ferrari is the one with the most worked rear of the car and the car that will use the air the best if you look the nose and the body work that the ferrari has. Also the red bull is not longer a duck nose but a ravens nose.

  4. If I’m not mistaken the red bull has a monkey seat while the ferrari and most of the others not.

  5. I suddenly feel like a red bull…and I don’t even like them

  6. Team Cadbury 2013. =)

  7. Another good looking car! Looks like we’re on to a good year for liveries :)

  8. Every year when I see Red Bull’s car I think… “Wow, there’s no way they can make a tighter package than this.”

    And every year I’m proven wrong. There must be no doubt that they are the masters of squeezing the most in to the smallest spaces. Let’s see if the reliability holds up, it was very very close to not doing so last year.

  9. Too many colors for my taste, 4 makes a mess of things

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