Hamilton does his first laps in a Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton has got behind the wheel of a Mercedes for the first time during a filming day at the Jerez circuit.

Hamilton drove the W04 which was officially launched earlier today.

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37 comments on “Hamilton does his first laps in a Mercedes”

    1. A lot of people have mentioned this, not really sure why people expected either to change helmets but it’ll certainly be confusing next year.

      Rather than coloured cameras we need proper numbers back, big numbers. I know sponsors are much more important than they used to be but seriously, look at that gap on the front nose and on the wing end plate, stick a massive number 10 there and we’d all be fine.

      If you look at Indy Car they’re doing it right, F1 needs to do the same if they really want the fans to know which driver is which, enforce some kind of rule for number sizing.

      1. Yep, or on the side behind the driver’s head.
        The one on top of the nose is crazy, why put it where only the onboard camera can see it? There’ll be a TV caption saying “HAMILTON” anyway.

        There are fewer sponsors around these days, so there’s always room for bigger car numbers.

    1. Amen! Mr. Pepper. The car looks awkward probably because of the new Pirelli….. who knows if they got it right and the others have to adjust to their style? Melbourne will tell I suppose. Can’t wait.

  1. So above we see a picture of Lewis Hamilton in a yellow helmet, black and white gloves and white(ish) overalls driving a silver car very quickly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve seen that somewhere before.

  2. Good job Murray is retired. Every race would be “unless I’m very much mistaken… Is that Lewis, er no, it’s nico, no sorry it’s Hamilton, no no it’s rosberg, oh hang on its, oh for the love of god, it’s a Mercedes currently in 5th”

    1. It’s all a cunning ploy by the Germans… At the end of the season when one of the drivers needs the points whichever is at the front can claim the points for the one who needs them most.

      It’ll be like Spartacus… “I’m Lewis Hamilton!”

  3. Yes what’s with the helmet well just have to take it that Lewis will be in front what a beautiful looking car. If it does do what it look like we re in for some great surprises hell race the wheels f that car. By the way lew the outfit looks great on you. Your the greatest out there no one to match you.

  4. Im a Ferrari fan and i always support the red drivers, but i wish for Hamilton the best. I hope he and Alonso will battle for WDC in the upcoming years because they are the best and drives both legendary cars.

    I hope that by 2015 or 2016 the dream come true…Hamilton in Ferrari..teams up with Alonso, we will see great years then.

    1. I think you will have to be disappointed on that front. On every page of Alonso Contract the First line reads as follows….

      “As long as I am in this team Lewis, Vettel or any other driver faster than me cannot join this team …. I have had enuf in 2007… “

  5. I don’t see anything on that Mercedes, which causes me to be optimistic for Lewis or Rosberg. It looks like last years Merc, with a little evolution, but even less evolution than on the other cars we have seen so far, from both Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren. If You compare the size of the rear of the car, when looking at it from the side, it seems much higher and larger than the others. So I don’t see Mercedes in the battle between the 3 front running teams, yet.

  6. I would imagine they’ll have some extra flashings on the car or something if the drivers helmets are so similar come round 1. Admittedly Hamiltons is a more orange shade of yellow, but still, its not an easy call.

    Fair play to them both for sticking with their traditions though.

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