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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Jerez, 2013Christian Horner says Mark Webber will continue to receive equal treatment at Red Bull.

Last month Red Bull motorsport director Helmut Marko criticised Webber in an interview for Red Bull’s magazine. But Horner said Webber’s decision to re-sign for Red Bull last year showed Webber knew he would get fair treatment.

“Mark knows the team very well, he’s been with the team seven years,” Horner said to media in Jerez. “We re-signed Mark because we believed in Mark.”

“He had opportunities to go elsewhere, he chose to stay at Red Bull. “And he knows that he will get equal treatment and ultimately it comes down to what the guys do on the track.

“That’s the way we’ve always operated. We’ll continue to give both drivers our very best support that we can.

“There tends to fall a natural order at some point in the year but that’s all down to what happens on the circuit.

“And Mark, he drove some great races last year, Monaco and Silverstone in particular. He’s very motivated and knows that he will get absolute equal support from the team and equipment and then it’s a case of what the drivers do on track.”

Horner said the team would not let the need to prepare for the new 2014 regulations distract from their preparations for the new season.

“Our focus is very much based on 2013 at the moment,” he said. “We have a small group of people working towards 2014”.

“It’s a matter of spinning the two plates and balancing defending our titles in 2013 whilst also looking towards 2014. It’s a matter of balancing your resource accordingly at that becomes more difficult as the season progresses.”

He denied the team would be at a disadvantage in 2014 compared to rivals such as Ferrari and Mercedes who build their engine as well as their chassis.

“First of all we’re focused on this year, but I don’t think so,” he began.

“We enjoy a works relationship with Renault, we have a very close collaboration with the technical team in Viry-Chatillion and there’s an awful lot of correspondence and integration between the guys at Red Bull and Viry.”

Horner visited Ferrari at Maranello over the winter but extended his contract with Red Bull:

“For me, I joined Red Bull at the beginning and it was an absolutely logical thing to extend my relationship with the team,” he said.

“For me stability is important and we’ve had that at Red Bull for some time now. Dietrich Mateschitz gave me the opportunity within Formula One, it was almost a formality to extend my relationship with Red Bull.”

Horner added chief technical officer Adrian Newey is already on a “multi-year” contract with the team.

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