Rosberg: We’d have done even more laps if we could

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Jerez, 2013Nico Rosberg says Mercedes could have completed more than their 148 laps today but they were limited by how many tyres they had.

“I’m very excited because it was a great test day,” said Rosberg after covering 655km (406 miles) in his W04.

“Just really consistent, got everything done we had on the plan – even early. We were done and we ran out of ideas what to do because you’re limited with tyres. In the end we did some pit stops and things like that.”

“I have no idea how fast we are,” he added. “But if I look now at what Ferrari’s done I’m not worried at all about their time.”

Mercedes introduced some new parts on their car today: “We made some progress with the new front wing today, good direction there,” he said.

“Struggling a bit with understeer at the moment and that’s what it’s about, we need to highlight now what our problems are, tell the factory so they can get on top of things ASAP.”

“From lap one with this car I feel comfortable. OK the balance still, understeer, is not great, there’s still some optimising to do. But I can push straight away, feel very comfortable, I feel what’s going on and that’s very nice.”

Rosberg was pleased to have covered so much ground given the team’s troubled start to testing:

“Today was very reliable, for sure. And I think the last two days were just massively unlucky because they were problems that (a) they were small things, and (b) that you’re not able to solve them within a day is just very unlucky. They just came about in a terrible way.

“Today really made up for it though, today was fantastic. It really put a smile on everybody’s face that it’s a fantastic achievement to drive form Silverstone to Spa distance-wise in one test day with the F1 car with no problem whatsoever.”

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