Are you going to an F1 race in 2013?

2013 F1 season

Podium, Monza, 2012We’re just over a month away from the start of the 2013 F1 season – so will you be going to watch any of it for yourself?

For the 16th time the season starts in Melbourne, Australia. The championship begins with back-to-back races as the teams will be in Malaysia one week later.

The championship arrives in Europe for the Spanish Grand Prix in mid-May. The Monaco Grand Prix has its traditional place at the end of May, sharing a date with the Indianapolis 500.

Last-minute shuffling of the calendar means there is now a three-week gap between the Canadian and British Grands Prix, which is followed a week later by the German round. That was to be followed by another race two weeks later but Bernie Ecclestone has said recently that race will not go ahead.

That will leave a three-week break before the Hungarian Grand Prix followed by a four-week gap to the Belgian Grand Prix. But after that it’s a hectic end to the season with six races in eight weeks.

You can find the 2013 F1 calendar below and add the dates of all this year’s races to your mobile device with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar:

If you’re planning a trip to any of this year’s races you can contact other fans who are going and get advice and information from those who have been before on F1 Fanatic’s dedicated forums. Find them all here:

Are you going to an F1 race in 2013? How far will you be travelling to get there?

Have your say below and join in the discussion in the forums.

Going to a Grand Prix

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2013 F1 season

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64 comments on Are you going to an F1 race in 2013?

  1. Lauri (@f1lauri) said on 12th February 2013, 18:22

    Planning to go to Hungarian GP from Estonia, because it is “only” 2000km by car :) Why? Closest race to Estonia and also to Finland – lots of finnish fans also there cheering for Kimi and #BOTTAS. Tripping by car in Czech and Hungary in the middle of the Summer – why not!

  2. Chris (@vintly) said on 12th February 2013, 19:01

    I’m going to the Spanish GP in Barcelona in May. Mainly to see Vettel make the whole tifosi cry. ;-)

  3. Off to Belgium with my brother and old man – first time to Spa so really looking forward to it. Haven’t been to a Grand Prix since the 2008 British GP.

  4. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 12th February 2013, 19:03

    Hungary for me! Never been before.

  5. TommyC (@tommyc2004) said on 12th February 2013, 19:10

    Off to Barcelona for 2nd year in a row. Weeks holiday All-Inclusive at the sea side, sunny weather and all for a lot less than going to Silverstone for the weekend :)

  6. Bullfrog (@bullfrog) said on 12th February 2013, 19:31

    Not unless I win tickets or something. Costs stupid amounts of money that goes to a bad cause.
    World Endurance Championship at Spa in early May looks tempting though…

  7. ChristopherF1 (@christopherf1) said on 12th February 2013, 20:19

    I’ll be going to the Hungarian GP. Went last year for the first time and had a great time, it’s also one of the more affordable in terms of tickets for good seats. Planning to go for all 3 days plus a few extra before to spend in Budapest.

  8. Silverstone and Austin for me this year.

  9. Pink Peril (@pink-peril) said on 12th February 2013, 22:00

    Going to the Melbourne GP for the 12th time, but I am bit disappointed as I am just about to start a new job & will therefore miss the thursday/friday action, and miss taking my 5 month old son to his first GP – he has a little Ferrari outfit already!

  10. Pink Peril (@pink-peril) said on 12th February 2013, 22:03

    I am going to my 12th Melbourne GP. Looking forward to it as always although a bit disappointed as I am just about to start a new job & will therefore miss not only the thursday/friday action but my 5 month old son’s first taste of F1 on the thursday – he has hit little Ferrari outfit to wear already!

  11. PaxJes (@paxjes) said on 12th February 2013, 22:10

    maybe Japan

  12. capu80 (@capu80) said on 12th February 2013, 22:20

    Melbourne for me! I Live a few blocks from Albert Park, and it’s amazing how far ahead the preparations are already! Grandstands and fencing are all practically in now… very exciting!

  13. Any idea of price tickets to Brazil? It’s the last one and the closest to my country, so I’ll see if I can manage to save the money (starting now!)

  14. Theoddkiwi (@theoddkiwi) said on 12th February 2013, 22:51

    Of to Melbourne again this year, with my now 8 year old son. My biggest problem is last year he sat on my shoulders the whole race. The stupid thing is if everyone stayed sitting down everyone would be able to watch more easily. I fear he might be getting too heavy to hold for that long now. I think it might be granstands next year. Either way we are really looking forward to it.

  15. nackavich (@nackavich) said on 12th February 2013, 23:02

    Heading to Melbourne for my first GP. Saving up what I can for merch but I don’t think it’ll be enough – will just have to head to the casino and put it all on red!

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