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‘Teams to blame’ for not getting F1 revenue share

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Start, Monaco, 2012In the round-up: Martin Whitmarsh says F1 teams are to blame for not getting more money from Bernie Ecclestone.


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F1 teams ‘are in survival mode’ (BBC)

Martin Whitmarsh: “If the teams aren’t cohesive enough to work together to secure a larger share of [F1’s revenues], then they have to blame themselves.”

F1 constructor rules ‘should be eased’ (Autosport)

Cyril Abiteboul: “There is a discussion in Concorde about what exactly is a constructor. Personally, I do believe that it is offering a nice avenue without going into the extreme of complete customer cars.”

HRT cars sold to Spanish auto-breaker (Reuters)

“A spokeswoman for the Italian company said it would be repainted in Pirelli’s black and yellow colours and used as a static ‘show car’ on display in dealerships and at promotional events.”

NBC F1 promo video

New American F1 broadcaster NBC Sports’ promotional video for the 2013 season.

When Ferrari Almost Came to Indy (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

“Ferrari contacted leading Indy car team Truesports as a potential partner in the venture. In mid-1985, Truesports sent one of its successful March-Cosworth Indy cars to Ferrari, where it was disassembled and inspected.”

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Achieves Environmental Excellence (McLaren)

“Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is the first motor sport stakeholder in the world to receive the FIA Institute’s Environmental Award for the Achievement of Excellence.”


Comment of the day

There were loads of really interesting comments in response to yesterday’s article on pay drivers. Here’s one from @Bpacman:

The whole problem of pay drivers can easily be traced back to the ownership model of the sport. There?s no problem with the amounts of money the sport generates ?ǣ the broadcasting contracts, the hosting fees, the ticket revenues etc… ?ǣ the problem is that a massively disproportionate amount of this money doesn?t go to the participants in the sport but is simply syphoned off to pay Bernie and CVC.

I see that Martin Whitmarsh has told the BBC today that seven of the eleven F1 teams are in “survival mode” due to their lack of funds. However, I really do think that the teams need to take a look at themselves and realise just how badly they?ve played their hand over the past few years. The time has been absolutely ripe for the teams to collectively come together and change the terms on which revenue is shared. The short-term duration of each of the last few Concorde Agreements, the recession in the Western world, the exits of Toyota, Honda and BMW, the Ecclestone bribery scandal ?ǣ all should have been exploited mercilessly by the teams to get the deal they want.

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On this day in F1

Future F1 driver Sebastien Buemi scored a controversial win in GP2 Asia’s first and only visit to Setul in Indonesia five years ago today.

He finished second behind Luca Filippi on the road, but Filippi was disqualified for having his team mate’s tyres fitted to his car. Buemi made his F1 debut for Toro Rosso the following year and 2013 will be his second season as Red Bull’s reserve driver.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty