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F1 Fanatic Twitter Directory updated for 2013

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Start, Melbourne, 2012Every Formula One team and almost every driver can now be found on Twitter. Of the current drivers only Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen don’t have accounts.

But there are many more F1 people to follow in the F1 Fanatic Twitter Directory which has been updated for the coming 2013 season.

The revised list reflects all the driver moves over the off-season and adds dozens of new accounts including team members, mechanics and prominent members of the F1 media.

The full list includes almost 400 accounts and includes descriptions for some of the less well-known names.

Find the updated directory here:

And of course make sure you’re following F1 Fanatic on Twitter as well:

  • F1 Fanatic – The main F1 Fanatic account with breaking news and more
  • F1 Fanatic Live – Live updates during all F1 race weekend and test sessions
  • F1 Fanatic Update – New articles only: Get a Tweet when something new is published on F1 Fanatic

If you would like to suggest an addition or alteration to the list, please use the comment form on that page.

2013 F1 season

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