Horner: Less pressure on Red Bull after titles triple

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Christan Horner, Red Bull, Jerez, 2013In the round-up: Christan Horner says there is a more relaxed mood at Red Bull after their third consecutive year of success.


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Horner: Red Bull more relaxed (Sky)

“In many respects the pressure is off us because we’ve achieved a triple double world championship. Nobody can take that away from us, that’s in the history books.”

Second test for Ferrari, first test for Alonso (Ferrari)

“Fernando has… maximised the time available and tackled the task with great dedication, performing a focused physical preparation worthy of the best Olympic athlete by alternating between gym sessions, running and biking.”

Hulkenberg a ‘huge asset’ says Sauber (Autosport)

Chief designer Matt Morris: “I worked with Nico briefly at Williams and he’s not only a fast driver, he’s also a clever driver. That’s both in terms of his general approach and also his ability to understanding engineering.”

Grand Prix denies watering left Albert Park Lake too low for sailing (The Age)

“Grand Prix Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott said the corporation, which has been using the lake’s water since mid-January, uses only a very small proportion compared with what evaporates.”

Ferrari F138 Nose Slot (ScarbsF1)

“Contrary to much rumouring the slot is a relatively simple aerodynamic solution to improve the air flow under the raised section of chassis.”

Mika and McLaren ?ǣ a special relationship (McLaren)

“Neither the 1994 McLaren-Peugeot MP4/9 nor the 1995 McLaren-Mercedes MP4/10 was quick enough for him to be able to win Grands Prix in those years, but we who were watching closely saw and admired Mika’s raw speed. So, undoubtedly, did the McLarenites, most especially Ron himself, then as shrewd a judge of a driver’s in-cockpit ability as anyone, and massively if quietly impressed with his new ‘flying Finn’.”


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@Fer-no65 on F1’s falling TV audiences:

At a time when F1 is enjoying one of the greatest eras in terms of competition, this is rather embarrasing for everyone involved. 2012 should?ve been a record breaker, and it wasn?t?? then what?s happening?

Well, for one they are getting out of date. Why isn?t streaming (paid streaming that is) available? people would pay to watch races on their laptops, I?m very sure. Indycar offered for free not long ago (not sure if they still do), so why don?t F1? that?d increase viewing figures massively I think…

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On this day in F1

Nineties F1 backmarker Giovanni Lavaggi turns 55 today.

Lavaggi failed to finish in four starts for Pacific in 1995, and in half-a-dozen appearances for Minardi the following year he failed to get within the 107% time on three occasions. Only in Portgual did he make it to the end while still running, five laps down in 15th place.

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