Alonso expects better start to 2013 after driving F138

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Fernando Alonso expects to get his 2013 championship campaign off to a better start than last year after driving the F138 for the first time.

Speaking to media after today’s test he said: “I don’t know how much we’ve found. The feeling is difficult to to compare the cars we should do one lap in last year and one lap in this year.

“The feeling with the car is similar to drive because there is a not a big change in the rules. When you have a big change in the rules, from V10 to V8 or from Michelin to Bridgestone or to Pirelli, there is always a special first day in the car because there is many things to learn, many new things that come to you.

“But when there is a continuation of last year, driver feeling when you jump in the car is more or less similar of last year.

“But I’m sure we will be strong in Australia, that is when we need to be.

“We need to improve what we did last year because obviously it is not enough to finish second, we want to finish first. And as I said before to improve the first part of the year I think it is not going to be too difficult. So we are relatively confident.”

Alonso added the high levels of degradation with the current generation of tyres made it hard to assess performance:

“Obviously we concentrate in our job, we don’t know what the others are doing,” he said. “It’s not maybe the best option to test in winter when you have a tyre that do one lap.

“Because we have so many stuff to test and so many new things that we need to have clear and good information on those parts and you only have one lap to understand what you put in the car because then you are two, four, six seconds off the pace so… it’s the same for everybody so we need to understand these new tyres better than the others, see if we can, and make them last as much as possible.”

2013 F1 season

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