FIA rules out Williams and Caterham exhausts

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Williams FW35, 2013In the round-up: The FIA tells Williams and Caterham to change their exhaust designs.


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Williams, Caterham exhausts ‘illegal’ (Autosport)

“The Williams team has confirmed that the FIA approached it on Tuesday morning to express its view that the design, along with that of Caterham, is illegal.”

Lotus hope for easier Day Two (Sky)

James Allison: “It was a bit of a frustrating day as we were confined to doing two lap runs by a telemetry system which would only work sporadically.”


Comment of the day

Adam Kibbey has cause for optimism about Mercedes’ progress.

I know that testing isn?t going to give us a reliable indication of how the cars are going to perform in the season because of various factors, however I am reassured that the Mercedes seems to be on par with the rest of field.

I think Hamilton is going to do very well this season, as his past record seems to indicate that he is able to get some serious speed out of a car that isn?t the best on the grid.

As long as the Mercedes isn?t too far of the pace of the front-runner, I think Hamilton will be able to get himself on the podium more or less consistently and might even secure a couple of wins.
Adam Kibbey (@Kibblesworth)

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On this day in F1

Toyota engine developer Luca Marmorini branded the FIA’s plans for KERS as “primitive” five years ago today. Despite being the manufacturer of the Prius hybrid road car range, Toyota elected not to use a KERS hybrid engine on their last F1 car in 2009.

They have since returned to sports car racing, where the hybrid engine packages are more powerful and sophisticated.

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