Which team has the best-looking car of 2013?

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With any racing car, all that really matters is how fast it goes.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t also look good. And the introduction of ‘vanity’ panels to cover up the unsightly stepped noses which appeared on last year’s cars has produced some better looking racers this year.

But which is the best? Have a look at all eleven of the 2013 contenders below and pick you favourite.

Red Bull-Renault RB9

Red Bull RB9, 2013

Ferrari F138

Ferrari F138, 2013

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-28

McLaren MP4-28, 2013

Lotus-Renault E21

Lotus E21, 2013

Mercedes W04

Mercedes W04, 2013

Sauber-Ferrari C32

Sauber C32, 2013

Force India-Mercedes VJM06

Force India VJM06, 2013

Williams-Renault FW35

Williams FW35, 2013

Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR8

Toro Rosso STR8

Caterham-Renault CT03

Caterham CT03, 2013

Marussia-Cosworth MR02

Marussia MR02, 2013

Over to you

Which team has the best-looking car this year? Cast your vote below.

Which is the best-looking car of 2013?

  • Red Bull-Renault RB9 (3%)
  • Ferrari F138 (22%)
  • McLaren-Mercedes MP4-28 (16%)
  • Lotus-Renault E21 (7%)
  • Mercedes W04 (3%)
  • Sauber-Ferrari C32 (28%)
  • Force India-Mercedes VJM06 (3%)
  • Williams-Renault FW35 (5%)
  • Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR8 (3%)
  • Caterham-Renault CT03 (3%)
  • Marussia-Cosworth MR02 (8%)

Total Voters: 720

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  • 133 comments on “Which team has the best-looking car of 2013?”

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    1. LoreMipsumdOtmElor
      20th February 2013, 14:16

      Williams and Caterham, definitely.

    2. I’ve always had my favorite which is Ferrari, my biggest disappointment was to see the biggest car manufacturer in the world fail dismally and then pull out altogether, again Honda pulling out after there accompaniments in motor sports was again dismal.
      I really hope Williams shines this year I’d love to see them with the championship and the underdogs making all the top teams really have to earn every point

    3. For me it was a toss up between Sauber and Williams, but went fotr Sauber, though I love the “half-car”look of the williams and it’s stubby nose design. Thrird would be lotus probably. Mercedes is by FAR the ugliest in my oppinion, ferrari and mclaren are kinda uninspiring and bland

    4. McLaren all the way, sauber looks pretty good also

    5. I’m not a huge Sauber fan…though I may be now that they have the Hulk :-) But I definitely think they have the best looking car. Nice livery and they got rid of that god awful duckbill platypus nose!

    6. Keith, I think it should be Mclaren-Mercedes MP4-28 rather than W04. I can see it on the result page and I don’t think it had been on the pole itself though.

    7. None of them are exactly thrilling to look at. At least with the addition of a tiny bit of purple and Infiniti on the side pods, we’ve got a slightly better chance of distinguishing the red bulls from the torro rosso’s.

      Ferrari are turning back towards the “black bottom” I’ve never liked, but otherwise it doesn’t look as bad as last year’s.

      There certainly isn’t a Brawn, 7-up Jordan, or even a 2011 McLaren among them though.

    8. i had to go with Sauber. well designed, I agree the livery could be a bit stronger, I sort of like the Marussia better for their livery, but Sauber I feel is better when you take all factor into account. Ferrari is nothing special, the Williams package is just too strange, Mercedes and Toro Rosso boring, Bull Bull too busy and confusing and you lose sight of the actual car layout and design with such a livery, Catherham’s livery is ok, care design seems clean and overall they are better than others but not the best, McLaren who I have always considered to be the best in the past is just too passé this year, too predictable and in turn a bit boring this year, and Force India is not bad but nothing special for me at a least.

      1. @photozen

        Bull Bull too busy and confusing and you lose sight of the actual car layout and design with such a livery

        Maybe that’s the idea…

        1. That could be true :D

    9. I liked the Lotus the most. It looked sharp !!! #IamsexyandIknowit

    10. I voted for the Sauber C32, as my fave car on the grid. It’s tidy and features a low nose and the smallest sidepods, i’ve ever seen in the modern era

    11. The Lotus is the best looking in my opinion. Black and red go very well together generally and it has made what was an already fantastic looking car, look even better. This is all in spite of the stepped nose.

    12. I voted for the Ferrari. Sauber would come in at a strong second and my third pick would be the Williams. It´s so different that me likes!!

    13. Few things in this world are prettier than a McLaren—especially when you see that paint job in person—but that Sauber sure comes close.

      Extra points for Renault for their glorious flashes of red and staying true to their functionality without giving way to the asinine vanity panel idea.

    14. I love the Marussia. But the Sauber was close for me. The Sauber has some insanely small and very pretty sidepods, but then that nose isn’t exactly perfect. And while Sauber’s livery is massively fantastic, I think that Marussia’s livery is the best on the grid. And along with the car design its all a little more old school. Simple, rough, evil and fast. Although in Marussia’s case, probably not so much the latter. But it looks fast anyway.

    15. Red Bull’s car looks like it was vomited by a unicorn: so-many-different-horrible-colours.

    16. I love the look of the Marussia, so I voted that way. i’m struggling to see many bad-looking cars this year though.

    17. ohh it’s hard, love the mclaren but the lotus does it for me though.

    18. I voted Ferrari, but only because I couldn’t vote for the safety car which is, in my opinion, better looking than all of these ugly modern F1 cars with their horrible big wings and high noses.

    19. Am I the only one who pick Williams?
      the nose looks brilliant, like a rifle!

      1. Nope, I’m with you on that.

      2. I’m surprised that the Williams is getting so little love. That’s the one for me.

    20. I went for the Sauber: the nose I slightly strange from the front profile but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as the majority of last years’ cars. From the side profile it looks great though, and the narrow sidepods give it a tighter look. I’m also a fan of the new livery, I think it’s a huge improvement on last years!

      The second most popular at the time of writing though is the Ferrari, which confuses me. The only aesthetic improvement on the car from last years is the removal of that ghastly step, but otherwise it is pretty much exactly the same as the F2012, which was one of the ugliest F1 cars of recent times in my opinion. It still looks ungainly towards the back and the front wing pillars in particular are unsightly, so I personally don’t understand the appeal of it!

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