Which team has the best-looking car of 2013?

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With any racing car, all that really matters is how fast it goes.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t also look good. And the introduction of ‘vanity’ panels to cover up the unsightly stepped noses which appeared on last year’s cars has produced some better looking racers this year.

But which is the best? Have a look at all eleven of the 2013 contenders below and pick you favourite.

Red Bull-Renault RB9

Red Bull RB9, 2013

Ferrari F138

Ferrari F138, 2013

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-28

McLaren MP4-28, 2013

Lotus-Renault E21

Lotus E21, 2013

Mercedes W04

Mercedes W04, 2013

Sauber-Ferrari C32

Sauber C32, 2013

Force India-Mercedes VJM06

Force India VJM06, 2013

Williams-Renault FW35

Williams FW35, 2013

Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR8

Toro Rosso STR8

Caterham-Renault CT03

Caterham CT03, 2013

Marussia-Cosworth MR02

Marussia MR02, 2013

Over to you

Which team has the best-looking car this year? Cast your vote below.

Which is the best-looking car of 2013?

  • Red Bull-Renault RB9 (3%)
  • Ferrari F138 (22%)
  • McLaren-Mercedes MP4-28 (16%)
  • Lotus-Renault E21 (7%)
  • Mercedes W04 (3%)
  • Sauber-Ferrari C32 (28%)
  • Force India-Mercedes VJM06 (3%)
  • Williams-Renault FW35 (5%)
  • Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR8 (3%)
  • Caterham-Renault CT03 (3%)
  • Marussia-Cosworth MR02 (8%)

Total Voters: 720

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  • 133 comments on “Which team has the best-looking car of 2013?”

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    1. Maurussia Tooro Rosso Sauber and Force india must say have done a good job to make they car look good …..

    2. Lotus by far, then McLaren, always perfect! :)

    3. Williams for me, hands down. I LOVE that stubby nose!

    4. I like the Red Bull, Ferrari and Sauber but Sauber gets my vote.

      Not sure what people see in the Marussia though… that paint is hideous.

    5. The Macca is the best shape, there are no ugly or unusual bits on it, just a nice and clean and streamlined.

    6. None of them are beauties, I would like the Sauber if it weren’t for the wide nose. The Force India has the best proportions to my eye, but the Williams looks very agressive which I like…

      Guess I’ll go FI.

    7. The Sauber looks damn sexy! ;)

    8. Went for the Sauber. But the Williams is the most interesting looking. That gearbox, YUM!

    9. Lotus is a prettier shade of gold (less brown!) and one stepped nose away from being the prettiest car — and by a wide margin.

      Sauber is one Lotus shade of black away from being the prettiest car.

      So, Force India it is!

    10. Although the Caterham looks nice, it reminds me of a John Deere tractor.

    11. For me, McLaren and Ferrari will always be the best looking cars. They mean something in F1.

      Doesn’t matter how you paint a Red Bull, it will never be the same.

    12. Sauber. I don’t know whether it’s the mostly black livery, the striking looks or the fact that it’s so neat, but it’s my favourite.

    13. Red Bull – I’m ambivalent about the new purple hue, looks OK but seems shoehorned into a livery that was already quite busy
      Ferrari – Better than last year but that’s not saying much.
      McLaren – I wonder if this will be their last Vodafone livery? Still a nice, smart livery as you expect from McLaren
      Lotus – I look at it and I want a Mars Bar
      Mercedes – Plain but looks good in strong light
      Sauber – Vastly better than last year’s amateurish effort, though I think black would have been a more striking choice to go with white than graphite – as they had in their first F1 season 20 years ago
      Force India – Very similar to last year’s car, but a welcome splash of colour in a grid with too much monochrome
      Williams – An interesting-looking car which is clearly a departure from its predecessor, and a tidy livery
      Toro Rosso – Also somewhat different to their previous car. I’ve never liked their livery and it’s not improving with age
      Caterham – Cracking paint job, rather underwhelming car
      Marussia – As with the Caterham, only more so. The graphics are vaguely reminiscent of current Penske IndyCars but the chassis itself doesn’t look too hot

      1. Keith, The Lotus reminds you of a “Mars Bar” that is so funny. But what in your opinion is the best?

    14. The Sauber is the least ugly.

    15. Being a Kimi fan I had to vote for the Lotus. Love the colour scheme of the E21 this year, the red really makes a great thing even better. I have to say I’m also really liking the new Williams FW35, very classic Williams Renault look, that would have to be my next favourite.

    16. I actually really like the Caterham; it looks a little like a Caiman in the way the step happens and also how severe it is.
      I also think the Williams and Ferrari are just plain ugly; they each have the same problem in that the nose doesn’t protrude from the front wing struts enough. The Red Bull is the best looking from the respect, but the vanity panel is something I’m not too keen on.

    17. I’d vote for the McLaren all day long . . . the lack of sponsor stickers makes it so, so much more classier looking than any of the others, though the Sauber is good too, the Red Bull is like an explosion in a paint factory . . . horrible !!

    18. Really tough choice, but as a top 3 I went for:
      1. Mclaren
      2. Sauber
      3. Ferrari

    19. I vote for the Marussia then the Toro Rosso and Sauber. Love the colour of the Caterham but its the ugliest car. The Marussia has a simple elegance thats been missing in recent years with all the silly winglets and bits and pieces. It has those too, but they’ve done a good job. Lets hope the Marussias and Caterhams can get the gap down to 2 secs from the frontrunners rather than 3 plus.

    20. I went into this with a very open mind…

      I took my love and hate for teams out of the equation, and looked only at body shape and livery. And I very much surprised myself by selecting Marussia. The orange color and clean sidepods just pop! It doesn’t look like a piece of art, and advert, or anything else… It just looks… RACEY! Then followed by McLaren (always beautiful, just change it up sometime, would ya fellas?), Ferrari (thanks for adding the new white lines!), and the Red Bull (I actually like the purple on the sidepods; gives it a new dimension!).

      1. I know a lot of people love the looks of the Sauber. I do, too. It would make a nice desktop background in the large HD image. But on grey tarmac, it just sorta fades away. It doesn’t look all that great while on track, IMHO.

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