Hamilton “really happy” with Mercedes progress

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he’s “really happy” after covering more laps than any other driver in Wednesday’s test.


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Mercedes progress pleases Hamilton (BBC)

“It’s going in the right direction. I’m really happy with it; 121 laps is really good.”

Kimi unflustered by lost laps (Sky)

Alan Permane: “Our target was more laps today and we’ve missed that. We were able to diagnose a problem with the gearbox, but rectifying this took quite a lot of time.”

Interview with Lotus?s Kimi Raikkonen (F1)

“I still want to do rallying. I had a good time and I knew from the very beginning that it was going to be tough. People say ??oh, it?s been a failure?. Not at all – I started with zero experience and for that I did pretty well. Sure I went off, but anybody believing he could do better, go and prove it!”

Alguersuari unlikely to race outside F1 (Autosport)

“Possibly I did close other opportunities in other series but now I’m concentrating on this [the Pirelli role].”

The fastest woman in the world (The Daily Mail)

“Formula One female test driver Susie Wolff has announced that she will appear in a BBC documentary this spring about her life as the only woman in F1.

Sahara frozen… (Joe Saward)

“The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) announced that it has asked banks in India to freeze bank accounts belonging to the Sahara group and some of its directors.”

Incheon to host world’s racing club with Lamborghini and Williams (The Korea Times)

“London-based investment firm Weingrow Partners said Tuesday that it will build the ‘world?s first exclusive lifestyle and racing club’ on Yeongjong Island off Incheon, close to Incheon International Airport, in collaboration with Italy?s supercar maker Automobili Lamborghini and England?s Formula One team and engineering firm Williams. It aims at completing the facilities by 2016.”


Comment of the day

@Kodongo challenges the view that Lewis Hamilton is harder on his tyres than most drivers:

Did Hamilton have any trouble with last year?s tyres?

If memory serves, on this very track in 2012, he raced from 24th to 8th ?ǣ overtaking his team mate ?ǣ all whilst consuming one fewer set of tyres than anyone else in the rest of the field.

Perhaps we should pay more attention to what happens on track rather than outmoded assumptions.

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On this day in F1

Lotus’s pre-season build-up was derailed one year ago today when they had to withdraw from the pre-season Barcelona test after discovering a suspension fault: