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Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Jerez, 2013Ferrari’s head of engines Luca Marmorini says he is keen to ensure the team continue supplying customer engines in 2014.

Toro Rosso, who use Ferrari’s engines, are considering a switch to Renault power. That would leave Ferrari supplying only Sauber as well as their own team, while Renault would have five teams.

Marmorini said the more customers Ferrari have, the more engine development they can do: “A customer team is a very important opportunity for an engine supplier.

“First of all we can test more engines. With there being no test during the season we can collect a much wider database. In this sense it’s very good having customer teams.

“It’s also important to have a reference with a car with basically the same engine, to have a good relative comparison to your car. So Ferrari is strongly committed to supplying a competitive engine to customer teams.

“I don’t know if Toro Rosso will be next year with us. Still now we’re working very well with them, it’s an important contribution for Ferrari engine development.”

Marmorini added he does not expect teams to find a “similar amount of performance advantage” from exhausts as they had at the end of last year.

“The advantage of the exhaust is not making the car much faster than another one, he said. “It is contributing to the last few tenths.”

“So at the moment we are working on a different solution, we are testing both on the dyno and the wind tunnel a completely different solution. Then we put on the car what we think is best on our car.”

He added he is not concerned by problems arising from the new version of F1’s standard ECU supplied by McLaren Electronics:

“We are working with them. We had some problems but we were expecting them at the beginning, this is a brand new ECU.

“So we are working with them, everyday they are having some update on the software and I am confident we are able to race with a reliable system but even to be done. But still we have a lot of development to do be done. So no panic at all, lot of work yet to be done.”

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