Sutil: “I have done everything to get my comeback”

2013 F1 season

Adrian Sutil, Force India, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Adrian Sutil believes he gave a good account of himself in his test for Force India today.

Sutil is in contention for the the final place on the grid with Jules Bianchi, who will drive the team’s car tomorrow.

He told media in Barcelona: “I think it was obvious this time today we show that I’m still quick and that’s very important. Hopefully I will get the drive.”

“I don’t know who has better chances,” he added. “I think I have done everything to do to get my comeback here. And now it’s up to them to decide.

“There’s one more competitor in there and for sure it’s not all about driving, maybe it’s also a little bit of business behind it but I can’t do anything else. I did a good day, that was very important for me so I can sleep without any worries.”

Sutil said his history with the team stands in his favour and he doesn’t feel a year’s absence will be a disadvantage.

“They know me better than any other team here: five years – actually six years with the test driver year I was with that team here – they know how my performance is.

“And I think a lot of drivers they show if you are maybe one year if you’re not driving and you come back you can do that quite easily. Maybe with a longer time, two, three years, it gets more difficult. But I think one year is not a problem.”

He said the team expects to make their decision within the next week: “They can’t take long any more – in three weeks there’s the race in Melbourne. So it’s about time to confirm the drivers!”

Bianchi, who also drove for the team at Jerez, will have another run in the car during the final day of the test tomorrow.

2013 F1 season

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72 comments on Sutil: “I have done everything to get my comeback”

  1. Dragonfly said on 22nd February 2013, 4:46

    Wait till Narain takes the second seat, that’ll be an eye opener . . . :)

  2. Wolfgang (@amadeus) said on 22nd February 2013, 10:46

    I don’t understand why so many people cannot see the forest from the trees. Adrian provided the best place in Force India’s F1 history (9th place in the final standings, actually he was the best from the rest, the rest =the major teams + ahead of Williams, Torro Rosso and Renault drivers). Last year, the much-overhyped Di Resta and “the wonder kid” Nico Hulkenberg finished on 14 and 11th places. So, where is the objectivism? The sport is based on performance or what? Sutil is a very underrated driver, i think that he should hire a better PR manager, because it’s sad that such a talented driver could miss his chance. And once again, even he was not in a cockpit in the last year, he is still a secound quicker than DiResta ;). Barcelona tests: Adrian Sutil, 1:22.877 / Paul di Resta, 1:23.971. The results are speaking and the objectivism is howling….

    • GT_Racer said on 22nd February 2013, 15:16

      And once again, even he was not in a cockpit in the last year, he is still a secound quicker than DiResta ;). Barcelona tests: Adrian Sutil, 1:22.877 / Paul di Resta, 1:23.971.

      You talk about objectivity yet fail to look at the fact the 2 were running totally different programs on different tyre compounds & on different days.

      Sutil’s fastest lap Thursday was on the soft compound on a short stint, Di Resta’s fastest time this week was on the medium compound during a longer stint. As such its unfair to compare.

  3. Wolfgang (@amadeus) said on 22nd February 2013, 16:04

    Ok, let’s analyse it from a different perspective;
    Sutil – 1:22.877, Top: Alonso 1:21.875. Dif + 1.002
    DiResta – 1:24.144, Top: Rosberg 1:22.616. Dif. + 1.528
    Bianchi 1:25.732, Top: Hamilton 1:23.282. Diff +2.450 51

    I think that is a hell of a difference. Very objective…..

  4. Ben (@scuderia29) said on 22nd February 2013, 23:45

    i find it interesting how much support Bianchi has to get the seat despite everyone hating on pay drivers. comments like “sutil has had his chance” you could say the same about petrov, kovalainen, glock etc…yet everyone is frustrated by the fact they have been squeezed out by pay drivers. I guess the difference is that no one really likes Sutil personally. In a year with so many rookies and pay drivers maybe its better for bianchi to have to wait a year, where he can then replace di resta who has been very underwhelming.

    • Wolfgang (@amadeus) said on 23rd February 2013, 15:46

      Sutil had his chance and he PROVED his value. Spyker, Midland and the early Force India were not competitive teams. Since Force India provided o better car, the results came imediately. How about DiResta ? In his both years in F1, he was outscored by his both teammates. But he has…another chance, for the third time. Excepting Giancarlo Fisichella (who left Force India for Ferari for the remaining 5 races in 2009), who was a much experienced contender, Sutih managed to outscore all his teammates (Albers, Yamamoto, Liuzzi, DiResta). So, again and again, objectively speaking, he briliantlly managed to prove that he is a worthy F1 driver. All that he needs is a Simon Fuller-kind of PR manager and a famous supermodel girlfriend. :))))

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