Chilton happy to test more as Razia sits out Barcelona

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Max Chilton, Marussia, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Max Chilton says he has no fitness concerns as he began his fourth consecutive day of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

“We haven’t done lots of laps, I’m sure I can do more,” said Chilton following his third straight day at the wheel of the MR02.

Marussia say his team mate Luiz Razia has not run in this week’s four-day test because they preferred to keep Chilton in the car:

“Given the stop-start nature of the running, it has made sense to keep Max in the car for consistency and he will therefore continue into tomorrow, a day where the weather is likely to intervene in proceedings.”

However Razia’s absence from the cockpit has prompted speculation about his place at the team. Razia’s deal to drive for Marussia this year wasn’t confirmed until after the start of testing in Jerez.

Chilton said the team have a lot more work to do in terms of understanding their new car:

“We’ve still got some aero stuff to come. It’s really kind of getting the set-up right.

“We’ve got a base car, there’s so many things with an F1 car you can change, it’s amazing. There’s definitely a lot we can do on the mechnical or braking side to it, with the KERS, the team haven’t run that before. So there’s plenty more to come in both areas.”

He said he was hoping to complete a race simulation in the car before the first Grand Prix of the season:

“I can’t wait to do the next test and hopefully get a full race, that’d be nice. I’ll be smiling all the way to Australia, ready to go.”

“I think until you’ve done it with the pit stops, non-stopping, just doing a full duration, I don’t think you actually know how it’s going to be. We’ve done it split up, it’s not the same, so I’m quite looking forward to doing the full.”

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