Hamilton: Mercedes aren’t in a position to win yet

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes aren’t competitive enough to win races yet.


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Mercedes can’t win yet – Hamilton (BBC)

“We’re not looking at wins at the moment. We’re hoping to get into the points and fight for top 10.”

Nico Rosberg Q&A – Mercedes need to be the best (F1)

“The car is definitely a big step forward. It feels very nice to drive with a good balance. It is a massive step.”

Pastor hails FW35’s first week (Sky)

“We had a wonderful four days. No problems in the car.”

Webber: Red Bull working at its best (Autosport)

“In 2011 and 2012, we were not super reliable and I could have done better in certain races. But ultimately, we can do better all together, my side, the team side, all of us together. That will mean a strong performance for us in ’13.”

The Pursuits Interview: Bruno Senna (FT, registration required)

“[My mother] was really, really nervous and worried about the whole racing thing and the dangerous side of it but she learnt the hard way that it?s much safer than it was before.”

Activity at Nissan (Joe Saward)

“It is interesting in the light of yesterday?s ruminations about F1 engines that Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan and Renault, will be announcing ‘major news’ for Nismo motorsport and its performance arm on Tuesday in Tokyo.”

Classic season opener: 1950 British GP (MotorSport)

“The first four spots were taken by the Alfa Romeos of Farina, Fagioli, Fangio and Parnell, giving an indication of who the top team would be for the rest of the year.”


Comment of the day

The role of the current generation tyres and DRS in shaping racing remains a talking point as we head into the third year with them. Nick argues in favour of them:

People moan non-stop about the tyres and DRS and I?ve just about had it. The new tyres and DRS are two of the very best things to ever happen to F1.

I am a massive F1 fan. I live, eat and breath F1 but only because of the way it is now. The other week I happen to get my hands on the entire 2007 season and went to my mates house to have a pure F1 session. It wasn?t long before I was nodding off, my mate too!

People bitch and moan about the racing these days and how it?s artificial etc… but let me tell you, the F1 today is a far better beast than it used to be. The racing in 2007 was downright dull.

I can’t remember which race we were watching, but as I fell off to sleep with boredom, Kimi Raikkonen in a vastly superior Ferrari was coming up behind a slower car, can?t remember which one. He was way faster and cruised right up on the back of the other car. After five-plus laps of following between 0.5 and 1 second behind the other car, I drifted off.

I woke up and saw that another 15 laps had passed, and lo and behold, what do you think I saw? you guessed it, Raikkonen still following the slower car. Boring!
Nick (@Nick101)

From the forum

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On this day in F1

The 1958 Cuban Grand Prix was won on this day by Stirling Moss. But the non-championship race is more famous for two other incidents.

The first was the sensational kidnapping of five-times world champion and 1957 Cuban Grand Prix winner Juan Manuel Fangio by pro-Fidel Castro revolutionaries.

Nonetheless the race went ahead but was abandoned after a bridge over the circuit collapsed, killing seven people. The result was declared based on the first six laps.

Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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78 comments on Hamilton: Mercedes aren’t in a position to win yet

  1. I couldn’t disagree more with COTD.
    First off I thought 2007 was a great season, There was plenty of good races that year & I can recall some good, exciting overtaking that year.

    Regarding DRS, My biggest issue with it is that its devaluing overtaking. Watching an overtaking move was always an exciting thing & any battle between cars that occured beforehand was equally exciting as you anticipated an overtake which could have happened at any time.
    Now you know that most of the time as soon as you get to the DRS zone something is going to happen & most of the time the pass is dead boring to watch & totally unsatisfying to see happen.
    For me there is simply no fun or excitement in watching someone push a button & then easily cruise straght past someone in the middle of a straght, I get nothing from watching that.

    Montreal last year, When Hamilton passes Alonso for the lead, That was one of the most boring thing’s I’ve ever seen. He got behind him, hit his DRS button & was then driven clear past, A pass for the lead/win should never be that utterly boring to watch.

    In 10+yrs we will all remember Raikkonen passing Fisichella to win at Suzuka in 2005, We’ll all remember Alonso passing Schumacher at 130R, 10yrs on those exciting overtakes Montoya pulled in 2001 on Schumacher at Brazil & Trulli at Imola are still remembered because they were exciting to watch.
    10 years on from now I doubt any of the DRS/Pirelli passing will be remembered because none of them are exciting or even moderately interesting to watch.

    To end.
    What we have now is quantity over quality, A lot more passing thats of extremely low quality & I don’t think that is the right way to go, I certainly don’t find it better or more exciting than the racing from the past!

  2. Peter_GH said on 23rd February 2013, 15:58

    Something I would like to see tested with DRS is having the activation at the start of a straght rather than the end.
    I think one of the biggest problems with DRS is that it kicks in half way down a straght & runs through to the braking zone which results in a lot of the easy/boring passes which it frequently produces.
    If you had the DRS straght after exiting a corner & it deactivated well before the next braking zone then we may well see DRS help cars get alongside but not drive them all the way past.

    That to me is the problem with the DRS, It isn’t just an overtaking aid as we were told it would be, Much of the time it just allows cars to drive straght past with no defense possible from the leading car.

    If you compare to the slip-streaming you see on ovals in Indycar, The car behind gets a tow & it helps him pull alongside but doesn’t drive him straght past because the tow goes away once he has pulled out from behind the lead car. This is what DRS should be doing, pulling you alongside but not driving you straght past.

  3. Brace (@brace) said on 23rd February 2013, 16:20

    You could have saved yourself a lot of typing if you read the title of the documentary.
    It’s the fastest woman in the world.
    So it’s she or whoever is doing this great disservice to her, that is separating women achievements in this sport from the men.

    I have nothing against any woman doing anything and it really doesn’t bother my views nor ideas of society we live in, but it’s a documentary or Susie as a woman, who is trying to make her achievements bigger by setting a separate standards for women, as if saying women aren’t good enough to compete with men on an equal footing, but need a separate category.
    You know, it doesn’t say the fastest human in the world, but the fastest woman in the world, fully exploiting her gender for promoting her.

    Then her brother and she herself is doing a great disservice to women in motorsport.

    • Maciek (@maciek) said on 24th February 2013, 7:17

      Look man, I expressed an opinion about some of the statements made by some commenters about what place women should have in motorsport. That is all. Not the documentary, not your views of society, not Wolff’s talent or self-promotion. If you’ve got your own drum to bang than go right ahead, but why you keep taking my comments as being about things they aren’t, I don’t know. And I’m really very sure there’s not need for your condescending tone. It’s not particularly charming.

  4. Michael Brown (@) said on 23rd February 2013, 17:03

    COTD reminds me of when I watched the whole 2000 F1 season last year. During the Italian Grand Prix, I feel asleep 10 laps in, and woke up near the end with Schumacher still leading, and virtually no position changes. Good thing I didn’t miss anything!

    • Peter_GH said on 23rd February 2013, 17:30

      There was a lot of position changes & overtaking in the mid part of that race, Not at the front but from 3rd back there was some great racing & a fair bit of overtaking.

      I remember Zonta & Verstappen had a great battle for position & overtook each other a few different times through that race.

  5. Emma_LN said on 23rd February 2013, 17:43

    cotd & other comments here ‘i watched a race from 2007 or whatever year & it was dull’, well thats only 1 race from a season of 16+.
    there were dull races in 20011/2012 even with the drs, kers & dodgy tires.

    since 2007 & 2000 have been mentioned above, if you watch the whole season rather than just 1 race you would find plenty of exciting & intresting races from those 2 seasons, you cannot write off the whole year just because you thought 1 race was dull.

    sadly i think the problem now is that everyone wants to see constant action, the sort of good racing & close fight over a position which was once appreciated by fans is now considered dull. the races from the past which fans loved are now also considered dull regardless of how good the racing was at the time.

    you see the same happening in other series, nascar especially. the fans of today need to see the big pack racing & they go on about races been boring if there isn’t a close finish. yet go back 20+yrs when we didn’t see pack racing & we didn’t have close finishes (races were often won by a lap or more) & nobody complained because back then we appreciated the racing & saw it as a racing sport rather than entertainment which just happens to feature a bit of racing.

    coming back to f1, today if you go 5 laps without seeing an overtake you always hear ‘this race is boring’ regardless of how good the racing which is going on actually is.
    at monza in 2011 when schumacher & hamilton had that nice fight over whatever place it was, all you heard was whining about how there wasn’t a pass & how michael was blocking & how boring it was, yet that was a great old fashioned hard fight over position which i thought was some of the best racing of that whole season.

  6. Eddie (@wackyracer) said on 23rd February 2013, 21:22

    Today is Pedro De La Rosa’s birthday? Right?

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