Williams hopes for big things from Bottas

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Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013In the round-up: Frank Williams hopes Valtteri Bottas turns out to be an F1 great.


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Williams have ‘highest hopes’ for Bottas (Reuters)

“Every team principal dreams of finding a young driver who has just come down from heaven specially to drive racing cars. Ayrton (Senna) was such a driver, (Emerson) Fittipaldi was like that and (Sebastian) Vettel is probably like that too. We very, very much hope that Valtteri is another one like that.”

Shocked Razia vows to get back into F1 (Autosport)

“I did everything right in what I could do, but it was really just a circumstantial thing that happened, and that was it.”

Romain Grosjean can become F1 champion, says Lotus team principal (The Guardian)

“I believe Romain can become world champion. That’s why we kept him. Because we believe he’s got the talent. He’s definitely got the speed.”

Hamilton ‘prayed’ for Sutil’s F1 return (The Telegraph)

“I contacted him a while ago because I heard there was a chance he could get the seat and just said that I had said a prayer for him, that I really hoped he got the seat because he deserved it and that I really hoped to see him back in Formula One.”

Q&A with Caterham?s Cyril Abiteboul (F1)

“I?d rather not look back and talk about either Vitaly [Petrov] or Heikki [Kovalainen]. I know there?s a lot of support for both drivers out there, and in the paddock, but we have two new race drivers, two exciting talents, and while Heikki, Vitaly and Jarno (Trulli) are all very important parts of our history – who we remain good friends with – we need to look forwards.”

‘I know it will be very, very hard’ (ESPN)

“I think there are two targets: The first one is as I said to see where we are in Melbourne, progress through the year and see if we’re in position to score the team’s first point. Then the second objective is to prepare the team and prepare for 2014 because it will be a new car, new engine so a lot of things will change and I think it’s an opportunity for us to make an improvement.”

Bob Fernley says Adrian Sutil’s experience won him the second seat at Force India (Sky)

“We just felt Adrian has that bit more experience which will help us do what we need to do this year.”

Dino Zamparelli: Bristol driver sets sights on Formula 1 career (BBC)

“Having impressed during his first year in the FIA Formula Two Championship, Zamparelli has been signed to British-based Marussia and will be a part of the Formula 1 team’s young driver programme.”

BBC axe 2012 opening titles (F1 Broadcasting)

“I assume (and hope) that the new titles still contain The Chain, but the magazine makes no mention of this.”


(“Hello everybody, it may seem cliche, but I’m doing absolutely everything possible to resolve the situation that they are all knowing. Thank you.”)


Comment of the day

@Randy on yesterday’s 3D versus Ultra HD debate:

I have been lucky enough to test top-of-the-line TV?s from Samsung, LG and Panasonic as a part of my job (training employees in our store chains to sell consumer electronics), therefore i was able to watch both passive and active 3D footage in both CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) and LED LCDs and Plasma screens.

Honestly, all of them suck. All of them. For a person that don?t wear glasses yet saying that passive 3D glasses are more comfortable than active 3D glasses is like saying that malaria is the more comfortable disease than ebola (for those not in on the subject ?ǣ passive glasses use Anaglyph film to distribute different images to both eyes, while active glasses use batteries to dim the shutters that block both your eyes 30 times a second each).

There are glasses-free TVs, but today their sweet spot is so narrow that even one person struggles to maintain position to reach any kind of visible effect, at the expense of having blurry, dreary image anywhere bar the center of the screen. […]

In my opinion Ultra HD is the way to go. Some say that you won?t even see the difference (since 40-inch HD TVs today reach 300 ppi ?ǣ the maximum discernible by the human eye ?ǣ when watched from 1.6 meters), but you will. Simply having more pixels mean more details can be reproduced, like the fabric of clothes or glittering of damp asphalt.

This all contributes to breaking the visible glass barrier that your eyes see so that you know you?re watching TV footage instead of the real thing. Immersible, detailed image with real (I mean real, more or less 100% of the sRGB palette, more than that distorts the colours) eye-popping colours watched in a right conditions will provide a more natural 3D effect than a retina-destroying glasses.

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Happy birthday to Kaushal!

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On this day in F1

And happy birthday to former F1 driver Gabriele Tarquini, who is 51 today.

Tarquini was lumbered with some uncompetitive F1 cars at Osella, Coloni, AGS and Fondmetal in the late eighties and early nineties. He managed a single points finish with sixth place in the 1989 Mexican Grand Prix for AGS.

He continues to race in the World Touring Car Championship.

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