Two DRS zones for every track bar Monaco and Suzuka in 2013

2013 F1 season

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Almost every track on the F1 calendar this year will have two DRS zones, according to German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Monaco and Suzuka will be the only venues on this year’s calendar to have a single DRS zone.

As of this year, drivers are only allowed to use DRS in the designated zones at all times. The number of zones has been increased to ensure teams still exploit the benefit of having DRS, which is designed to facilitate overtaking.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, which originally had two DRS zones but was cut back to one last year as it made overtaking too easy, will have two again.

The changes to the tracks are as follows:

Circuit 2012 DRS zone/s 2013 DRS zone/s
Albert Park Pit straight and second straight Pit straight and second straight
Sepang International Circuit Pit straight Pit straight and final straight
Shanghai International Circuit Longest straight Longest straight and pit straight
Bahrain International Circuit Pit straight Pit straight and straight to turn 11
Circuit de Catalunya Pit straight Pit straight and straight to turn ten
Monte-Carlo Pit straight Pit straight
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Pit straight Pit straight and final straight
Silverstone Wellington straight Wellington straight and Hangar straight
Nurburgring* Straight before chicane Pit straight and straight before chicane
Hungaroring Pit straight Pit straight and second straight
Spa-Francorchamps Kemmel straight Kemmel straight and pit straight
Monza Pit straight and straight to Ascari Pit straight and straight to Ascari
Singapore Straight to turn seven Straight to turn seven and pit straight
Korean International Circuit Longest straight Longest straight and pit straight
Suzuka Pit straight Pit straight
Buddh International Circuit Pit straight and longest straight Pit straight and longest straight
Yas Marina Two longest straights Two longest straights
Circuit of the Americas Longest straight Longest straight and pit straight
Interlagos Reta Oposta straight Reta Oposta straight and pit straight

*Last used in 2011

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138 comments on Two DRS zones for every track bar Monaco and Suzuka in 2013

  1. mhop (@mhop) said on 6th March 2013, 17:30

    I presume this means two detection points per lap as well? Surely?

    Seriously have they confirmed that? If not and the two DRS zones are going to continue to operate from the same detection point I truly despair.

    DRS is increasingly drawing Formula 1 down a very dark path. This kind of gimmickry is the thin end of a very bad wedge. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to real racing.

  2. yolo said on 6th March 2013, 17:35

    drs zones should be EVERYWHERE, like in qualifying

  3. Roberto (@alphakaso) said on 6th March 2013, 17:54

    This would definitively kill REAL overtakes. I can’t stand this :(

  4. Frost_Byte_94 (@frost_byte_94) said on 6th March 2013, 17:59

    The news about Circuit Gilles Villeneuve concerns me. I attended the race in 2011 and may be going again this year, and can only hope that the new qualifying rules restricting DRS use mean the teams will use shorter gears that may offset the ease of overtaking as seen in the past. Although i do prefer the final straight/pit straight combination as opposed to the straight to hairpin/final straight combination of 2011

  5. I really dont know if this is going to be a good or bad thing. On one hand it makes getting that 1 second lead absolutely vital so the driver in front will push like crazy, on the other hand it could just lead to stupidity. I dont know about everyone else but I get more of my seat with over taking on corners than straights. That’s when you really get to see the nerve and skill of the driver on display.

    My major concern is if the drivers just give up on attempting any overtaking during corners and just wait for the DRS zones.

    Trying to block a move on straight, you can defend your position once, its near on impossible.

    Some circuits you could definitely justify it for, Circuit de Catalunya springs to mind.

    I still dont know if the reports are true or not. I will wait to hear the official word on it.

  6. Jared H (@thejaredhuang) said on 6th March 2013, 19:18

    I think DRS has been a very good addition to the sport. How many times have you seen a driver that has been passed with DRS re-pass the previous driver? Besides the tracks where the DRS zones are in succession (e.g. Abu Dhabi) its quite rare. This just goes to show that the driver that got pass was slower and had they been in a car with less downforce like a touring car they would have been passed anyways.

    By the way, Singapore’s 2nd DRS zone on the pit straight is completely ridiculous like another poster said. It should be on the straight after the hairpin where Massa passed last year after turn 13.

    Suzuka should definitely have a DRS zone leading up to Spoon Curve after the hairpin. The pit straight one is ok although it might be a little short. You can’t put one before 130r because most cars can’t handle going through 130r with DRS open in 7th.

    Pit straight DRS on Spa is pretty much suicide as you’re certainly going to be passed on Kemmel, they should put it after Stavelot but Blanchimont is quite challenging with DRS open.

  7. NickTheGeek (@nickthegeek) said on 6th March 2013, 19:47

    Maybe you can use DRS anywhere in the race but each driver only gets a certain amount per race? could be quite interesting from a tactics point of view. It wouldnt only need to be used for overtaking, it could be used to close a gap.

  8. Roger2012 said on 6th March 2013, 21:22

    In which case I will not be watching F1 this year.

    DRS is starting to have far too big an influence on the racing, Watching drivers not wanting to pass into the hairpin at Montreal, Intentionally backing off when they could have pulled off an overtake to make sure they were in the DRS zone down the next straght was a complete joke to watch from the grandstand down there.

    I want to see more Non-DRS overtaking & not more DRS-ing, By adding more DRS zones your just going to get more DRS-ing & less real racing.

    What do they want, For all overtakes to be achieved via DRS?
    For every pass to be so easy its no longer exciting to watch?
    Maybe they just want every pass to be done easily on the straights via DRS to try & prevent drivers actually having to try & pull off a real overtake & risk a collision.

    DRS-ing isn’t racing, It isn’t fun, It isn’t entertaining & I am no longer willing to put up with it!
    Goodby F1, Its been a fun 35yrs but you are now dead to me!!!!

  9. Emma_LN said on 6th March 2013, 21:41

    I was open on DRS when it was introduced & quite supportive of it to begin with, However I’ve turned firmly against it over the past year & am gutted about them moving to 2 zones for this year, Especially on tracks that don’t really need any.

    DRS was sold to us as a temporary thing which would only work as an ‘overtaking assist’, We were told that DRS would not generate passes & would only ever work to assist a chasing driver to pull alongside the car he was trying to get by.

    Well 2 years later, No sign of it been temporary, Everything indicates that it will be around long-term & will only get more effective.
    And rather than just be an ‘assist’, It often seems to generate passes & leave the car been passed unable to even attempt to defend.

    I’ve grown real tired the past 2 seasons of watching cars get into the drs zone, push a button & then be driven clean past well before they even think about braking & i’ve grown real tired of DRS been as big an influence on passing as it has become.

    If drs was simply acting as an assist, if the passing it was assisting was still fun to watch & if drs was having a smaller role in the races i would probably still be in support of it, However since the opposite of all is happening i have turned as i say firmly against it.

    Regarding the 2 zones, why do we need 2 zones? If the zone we already have is already too effective on a lot of circuits & if the passing its generating is already too easy, why add a 2nd zone where we will perhaps see more of the same?
    I would rather they look at making drs less effective & less of an influence rather than maybe making it more effective & more of an influence via more zones, especially where not needed.

  10. sato113 (@sato113) said on 6th March 2013, 21:58

    perhaps they’ve misunderstood and that the drs can be used in 2 zones during practice and qualy but only on 1 drs zone during the race. this would limit drs overtake but still persuade teams to use long gear ratios for best qualy time (like last year).
    how could the fia leak this info anyway?

  11. Jarv F150 (@jarvf150) said on 6th March 2013, 23:23

    Well I like the DRS it makes the race a little more interesting when you see the cars getting close enough to use it and passing becomes possible; and sometimes very interesting as with Weber/Ham in Korea in 2011 when KERS/DRS balanced each other out.

    But perhaps Monza/Gilles Villeneuve/Spa just don’t need it & giving a bit of purity back is a good thing.

  12. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 7th March 2013, 2:23

    Wow, 2 zones for every track, sans Monaco and Suzuka. Didn’t expect that tbh.

    I think that’s a little bit of overkill, just to offset the restrictions of it in qualy.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to allow usage of 2 zones in qualifying, and then 1 zone in the race?

    • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 7th March 2013, 19:01

      @tophercheese21 – I don’t understand why they didn’t do that either: restrictions were placed on DRS usage after parc fermé before anyway. I feel this is just going to make the racing more artificial.

      My question is simply why they didn’t keep DRS in qually for another year and then ban it totally in 2014, hence abiding by the original intention of it’s use.

  13. I prefer keeping DRS, but it should not be used at places or circuits, where overtaking haven’t ever been a problem, for example Spa’s Kemmel straight, Montreal circuit, Main straight of interlagos, Monza also could run without DRS and the longest straight of shanghai (1170 meters long back straight).

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