Sutil: “I’m not in F1 just to race”

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Adrian Sutil, Force India, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013In the round-up: Adrian Sutil says he aims to win races on his return to Formula One.


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Adrian Sutil is determined to be a winner after Force India reprieve (The Guardian)

“I am not in Formula One to just race. I would rather stay at home. The car is very important but you have to set your mind. I am here to race against the world’s best and if anyone is there not to win then it is not the right place for him.”

Witness the fitness! Button revved up ahead of opening grand prix in Australia (Daily Mail)

Christian Horner: “Jenson has impressed me enormously since he became world champion, or even since that difficult year when he didn?t know whether he was going to have a drive after Honda pulled out”

A chat with Valtteri Bottas (MotorSport)

“It was not always easy watching Senna race the car but I think it was the best option. I was there, watching and learning, and I feel good about going racing now. It?s been a while, but I?m ready and I feel good.”

Ron Dennis pays tribute to Lady Virginia Williams (McLaren)

“She’ll be missed not only by the Williams family, to whom we offer our condolences at this very difficult time, but also by the entire motorsport community worldwide.”

Carlos Gracia, Presidente de la Federaci???n de Automovilismo, sin carn?? por conducir ebrio (El Mundo, Spanish)

Carlos Gracia, president of Spanish automobile club the Real Federacion Espanola de Automovilismo, has lost his licence for driving while over the alcohol limit. Gracia was the man who the FIA sent to Bahrain when its Grand Prix was cancelled in 2011, and who was stationed in the McLaren garage as an observer during the weekend of the 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Mercedes confident of no pitfalls in 2013 (Autosport)

“We’ve learnt from [last year], we’re pleased with the progress we’ve made, but we really need to demonstrate that we can maintain that over the course of the season.”

Coughlan keeps Williams on the move (Reuters)

“The highlight of my career was when a major-general said to me ‘What you have done in terms of surviveability will save 200 kids lives’.”

Hamilton: ‘One step at a time’ (Sky)

“This experience I’ve had [at Mercedes] over the past couple of months working with these new engineers and seeing all these new things that I can learn, I’ve realised, wow, there’s so much more I can learn as well.”

‘Formula One is all about the results’ (ESPN)

“[My career] has been like a family project. My father has been helping me on the administration side of my career, which is very important. At the beginning there was a lot [of money] from my family, yes, but then we were able to bring sponsorship in order to race in the good teams and at the best positions. This is something my father and family contributed to a lot.”

Australian Grand Prix View (Caterham)

Cyril Abiteboul: “At the end of 2012 we were a central part of the F1 show, and I have told both drivers to be ready to be part of the show in 2013, maybe not right at the start, but with what we have coming to the car during the season, we can be confident that we are going to attract interest in us, for the right reasons.”

Would F1 benefit from multiple tire suppliers? (NBC)

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Comment of the day

MatK77 wants less dumbed-down race commentary:

I recall vividly Jackie Stewart commentating on the Indy 500 in the early eighties explaining with the visual aid of a toy car what understeer and oversteer was. We still hear that same explanation on every F1 race broadcast today.

We don?t hear the NFL announcers explain how many downs there are to move the ball ten yards, or what the mountain of abbreviated terms are that are used to describe a baseball game mean.

It?s time to cut out the hand-holding and give us a mature conversation, at least talk to us as if this is our second time watching an F1 race. If newcomers latch on to the sport, they?ll put in the effort to figure it out.
MatK77 (@Bluestar77)

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On this day in F1

David Coulthard won the Australian Grand Prix ten years ago today. It turned out to be his final career win.

Team mate Kimi Raikkonen was third with Juan Pablo Montoya’s Williams in between them.

Mixed conditions made for a tricky start to the race as Martin Brundle explained on his grid walk:

Image ?? Force India