Hamilton: Alonso’s “the guy I want to beat”

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Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton singles out Fernando Alonso as the rival he is most interested in beating.


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Forget Button, Alonso is the one I really have to beat (Daily Mail)

Lewis Hamilton: “The rivalry between me and Fernando excites me more [than with Button]. He?s the guy I want to beat. You also want to beat Seb [Vettel], as they are the ones with most titles. But Alonso’s the fastest driver I can see. He?s also one of the most experienced. Anyone would struggle to beat him.”

Webber bets he’ll be back on F1 track next year (The Sydney Morning Herald)

“‘No, I’m not,’ he said emphatically when asked if he were going into this season thinking or planning that it will be his last as a Formula One driver.”

Alonso: 2014 car can’t be distraction (Autosport)

“The only thing that has changed for next year is that if you get to the middle of the championship and you see you have a big, big difference on the negative side then you need to work on next year’s car.”

Michael Schumacher rules out TV pundit role (ESPN)

“Things move so fast in Formula One that I’m already actually a long way off the pace. Secondly, I would again be away from my family so I might as well be driving…”

Checo gets set to pen the next chapter in Mexican F1 racing history (McLaren)

“So far, there have only ever been six Mexican Formula 1 drivers: Checo himself; Esteban Gutierrez, who’ll make his Formula 1 debut next weekend in the Sauber that Checo would have been driving had McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh not snapped him up last autumn; the Rodriguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo; Hector Rebaque; and Moises Solana.”

Fangio’s Fitness Regimen (F1 Speedwriter)

“Blessed with a naturally slow metabolism, as evidenced by his resting heart rate of 44 beats per minute (as opposed to the norm of 72bpm), Juan had the endurance capacity of a man half his age, and he worked hard to preserve it.”


Comment of the day

@Slr hopes Mercedes don’t make the same mistake BMW did five years ago:

I hope that if Mercedes actually turn out to have a real chance of winning the championship by the end of this season, they actually try to win it this year, rather than put all focus on 2014.

I remember when BMW wanted to focus on 2009, but Kubica still had a chance of winning the championship by the penultimate round in 2008, but the team still decided to focus on 2009. They had a poor end to 2008 and 2009 then turned out to be BMW?s worst season in their short time in Formula One.

Should Mercedes find themselves in a similar position this year, they really must take advantage of the opportunity because it may turn out to be their last, in spite of all of these people they have brought into the team.

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to former F1 racer Derek Daly who is 60 today.

Daly peaked with two fourth places for Tyrrell in 1980 but is better remembered for incurring the wrath of team principal Ken Tyrrell by eliminating team mate Jean-Pierre Jarier and several others in this destructive crash at the start of that year’s Monaco Grand Prix:

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264 comments on Hamilton: Alonso’s “the guy I want to beat”

  1. uan (@uan) said on 12th March 2013, 15:04

    I think the truth of it is that both Alonso and Hamilton (and Vettel) think that they are the best drivers on the grid, but they really can’t come out and say it (though Alonso alluded to his greatness by saying what he had to overcome in 2012 was on par with what the greatest in the sport had to achieve to be noteworthy – not just number of WDCs).

    Given they can’t say “I’m the best” it becomes a question of saying one of the other guys is the best. For Hamilton, Alonso’s a safe choice as folks see Alonso as the best driver today on the grid. Also, it as the flavor of returning the compliment. For Alonso, it’s a little trickier. For a number of reasons, you can’t say the guy who’s beaten you for the WDC is the best on the grid (only once at the time he talked about Hamilton, but now twice and also someone who is 3x WDC). Much better to say Hamilton, who many regard as the fastest on pure speed alone — see Top Gear for proof :) — but who also is inconsistent and whom Alonso feels confident in being able to beat, is the best.

    I think Alonso downplaying Vettel is a mark of how much respect Alonso has for him. I think they all have respect for each other as drivers and know they have to beat the other ones to win a WDC (no one is really thinking – oh hell, I gotta beat Button or Webber for the WDC-no offense to JB or Webber). Kimi’s the wild card.

    I think this is true if the cars are all on par. If one car is clearly dominant, I don’t think they lose as much sleep over it. It probably gnaws at Hamilton and Alonso a bit more in 2012 than 2011. Or 2010 for Alonso.

    • @uan – from my observation I think Vettel appears to just show himself on track, and not bother with the mind games. I admire him for that: as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. To me though I think Hamilton and Alonso haven’t been able to speak with actions recently due to the great form of Vettel and RBR, so they have had to resort to words.

      So in essence, they are keeping the image alive (which without doubt is still there) by bolstering each other. It is just a shame so many take this as evidence for their driver being better than another and most importantly that the other driver isn’t on a par.

      • @Max

        I think most people are trying to attribute these comments to mind games against vettel… I feel that’s reading too much into these comments…
        I dont think mind games will have any impact on Vettel … or on alonso or Hamilton for that matter.. they are experienced enough to handle all that…if any of them has a car advantage they will most likely win the title irrespective of what mind games are tried on them…

        I feel that the respect between Lewis and Fernando is genuine.. they’ve raced each other on the same machinery in the past… and knows how good the other one is…

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