Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, McLaren, 1989

Honda “confirm” plan to return with McLaren in 2015

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Ayrton Senna, McLaren, 1989In the round-up: Further claims Honda will return as an engine manufacturer in 2015 with McLaren.


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McLaren leaves door open for Honda (Autosport)

“Honda sources have confirmed to Autosport that it plans to return to Formula 1 as an engine supplier to McLaren.”

Lewis Hamilton: I’m either hated or loved… (Daily Mail)

“Go to Spain and people generally hate me there. Whether it was something I said about Fernando [Alonso] or something he said to the people about me, they do not forget and you are branded.”

Lewis Hamilton plans to build a legacy as a great ?ǣ and a museum too (The Guardian)

“It is a different era and I am not Ayrton Senna. I am my own personality, but I hope that I will have that greatness.”

Performance takes priority over reliability ?ǣ Whitmarsh (NBC)

“Whitmarsh said McLaren are ‘constantly vigilant’ about improving their car?s reliability. ‘But we mustn’t become so obsessed by the pursuit of reliability that we don?t change the car.'”

Sam Michael Q&A (Sky)

“If I said, ‘We’ve got a new rear wing’, for example, there might be two reasons why we don’t run a new rear wing: it might not have correlated well or something else happened in the tunnel that changed our understanding and that wing became obsolete very quickly. So we’ve learnt from past experience not to say what the actual upgrades are until they’ve actually done the grand prix.”

Australians unhappy at paying ??23m fee for race (The Times, subscription required)

“Bernie Ecclestone will fly into Melbourne this week facing calls to cut his ??23 million race fee to save the future of the Australian Grand Prix.”

Formula One Betting: Pre-season Tips (Unibet)

My column for Unibet is back – here are the pick of the pre-season bets on the championship and the first race of the year.

Martin Brundle: Sebastian Vettel’s the best (Express)

Martin Brundle: “Max [Chilton] deserves a shot. He?s got a strong personality. I don?t see him as another Hamilton, but you can emerge from tail-end teams and we?ll see if he can do that.”

A lesson on how to drive on ice… Kimi Raikkonen style… (Lotus via YouTube)

Could we be in for a shock in Melbourne? (Intelligent F1)

“If there is to be a surprise, it is most likely to come from Williams, and I would expect them to be the only interlopers within the top ten (under normal circumstances) from this midfield pack.”


Comment of the day

@Bullmello has high hopes for Williams this year:

It would be great to see the Williams team have a competitive and productive season. Long one of my favourite teams, it is refreshing to see an underdog (privateer without the massive resources of the ultra-rich manufacturers) with so much potential going into a new season.

The car looks quite promising and the drivers are the definition of partially unrealised potential and a largely unknown quantity in F1 competition, yet good experience with the car and team. Maldonado should realise his potential this season and I think he will.

I think Bottas could be one of the better young drivers to come along in a while. How could any F1 fan not be excited about what the Williams team brings to 2013!

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On this day in F1

It was a busy day’s testing for several teams on this day ten years ago. Cristiano Da Matta was quickest for Toyota at Jerez. Meanwhile Ferrari entrusted their car development to test driver Felipe Massa at Fiorano.

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