Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

Horner: Webber will stay “whilst he delivers”

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013In the round-up: Christian Horner says whether Mark Webber remains at the team beyond 2013 is in his hands.


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Red Bull not ruling out Webber beyond 2013 (Reuters)

Horner: “There are an awful lot of drivers who would like to be sat in a Red Bull car, but he’s there on merit, and whilst he delivers for the team he will have that place.”

Boullier fears ‘insane F1 money war’ (Autosport)

“I think it’s insane to create a money war, when you start to pay your people crazy money.”

Ricciardo: Beating Vergne key (Sky)

“Obviously we want to consistently get more points this year but try and [also I need] do the best I can and that has to be finishing ahead of the Frenchman alongside me.”

SI’s 50 Most Powerful People in Sports #22 Bernie Ecclestone (Sports Illustrated)

“The diminutive 82-year-old British billionaire shaped modern Grand Prix racing and controls a sport that Formula Money reports as having $1.7 billion (??1.14bn) in annual revenue and more than 500 million TV viewers worldwide.”

Valtteri Bottas roars into Formula One with iron will to succeed (The Guardian)

“He does not, though, appear to get any more out of Raikkonen than anyone else. ‘I saw him in the paddock a few times last year. He doesn’t say a great deal. But in Finland we only say what we mean. We don’t try to be nice to someone unless we mean it. We say how things are. And if we don’t have anything to say, we don’t say it.'”

Webber unsure what F1 opener will bring (The Age)

“Mercedes can certainly pull a single lap out that’s pretty strong. Ferrari will definitely be there and they’ll be challenging for victories – as will Red Bull, as will Lotus, as will McLaren.”

Team by team: the commercial challenges facing the Formula One grid in 2013 (SportsPro)

“Vodafone enters the last year of its [McLaren] title sponsorship, with much speculation about whether it will continue a relationship which began in 2007. McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh faces the task of either renewing with the telecoms firm, or looking elsewhere. Elsewhere could well be Mexico, home of the team’s new young charge Sergio Perez. Perez?s long-time backers Telmex have remained at his previous team, Sauber, for 2013, but McLaren remains one of the most attractive names on the grid.”

Concours: choisissez mon futur casque! (Romain Grosjean via Facebook)

Romain Grosjean is holding a poll on which helmet design he should use for the Bahrain Grand Prix.


Comment of the day

Do Toro Rosso give their drivers enough time to show their potential? @Red-Andy thinks not:

The main problem is Toro Rosso’s revolving door driver policy. If a driver doesn?t achieve more or less instantly, he’s out, to be replaced by whichever bright young thing in the Red Bull young driver programme Franz Tost likes the most that particular week.

I’ve no doubt that Ricciardo and Vergne could both be very good drivers given the opportunity ?ǣ but no more so than Buemi, Alguersuari, Bourdais, Liuzzi and Speed, all of whom were booted out from the team after a short time.

People put pressure on Vergne and Ricciardo because that is the reality they are living in. If your driving, straight from the get-go, doesn?t mark you out as an instant superstar (and in the last ten years you could probably count the number of those we?ve had in F1 on one hand), you will not last long at Toro Rosso. And in all likelihood you won?t get a shot anywhere else either.

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On this day in F1

The same two drivers finished in the top two places in the Brazilian Grand Prix 30 years ago today as they had one year previously. The difference was that this time only one of them was disqualified.

Nelson Piquet was allowed to keep his victory – 12 months earlier it had been stripped from him as his Brabham was found to be underweight.

The same happened to second-placed Keke Rosberg. In 1983 Rosberg was again disqualified from second place, this time for receiving a push start in the pits following a refuelling fire.

Niki Lauda was promoted to second ahead of Jacques Laffite. Here’s what happened to Rosberg: