Front wing flex test “trying to stop us” – Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Sebastian Vettel says the new restrictions on flexing front wings introduced this year were aimed at curtailing Red Bull’s superiority.

“I think most of the changes to the front wing came in trying to stop us so something that we maybe did better or that the others couldn?t do and then there?s just one more thing, so it?s not a new situation,” said Vettel during today’s press conference.

Team mate Mark Webber played down the effect the rules change would have on the team’s performance: “We?ve had a lot of different front wing regulations in the last few years.”

“It’s normal in Formula One that we have to adjust technically around new rule changes, sometimes within the season itself, not just at the start of the season: January, February. We obviously make the car fit within those regulations and we will have to adjust the car around the findings of how that front wing will form in those new regulations, so that?s fine.”

Webber added he wasn’t concerned about the ban on ‘active’ Double DRS, which also removed one of Red Bull’s assets from 2012:

“In terms of the DRS, it?s not a big thing for us. I think that we have been OK in qualifying in the past, also quite strong in races so the effect of the DRS, the delta of the DRS, all those type of things which is not something that we?re having a huge eye on, we?re not disappointed that the DRS is less in qualifying.

“For example, Sebastian and I are very happy, we pushed quite hard to have DRS dropped down in terms of volume on Saturday afternoon so we?re quite relaxed with that one.”

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  1. I am a Red Bull fan, and while I don’t agree with Vettel in particular situation, I can see why he might think the way he is thinking. I think that if it the flexing wing was giving Red Bull that much of an “advantage” yet still legal, then instead of changing the regulations the other teams should just come up with a way to beat them using their own ingenuity. That is my biggest problem with F1 right now. They do not give the teams enough slack to try different things.

  2. Vettel is not moaning he is likely replying to a specific question. if he had started a press conference without a question being asked then that would be moaning. red bull play the rules good on them ferrari used to before that mclaren and willuams dis. when you are winning the default criticism is cheating or not being spirting. rubbish. i hope ferrari are accused all year of cheating as that would mean they are winning and i am sure many of you think the same for your favourite team.

  3. So Vettel is saying: please don’t improve your tests coz you might catch us?
    These tests are the same for all, improving them can only serve fairness across the grid.

  4. Red Bull are disgusting.

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