FIA telemetry glitch causes DRS problems

2013 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Adrian Sutil, Force India, Melbourne, 2013The race stewards are unable to disable drivers’ Drag Reduction Systems this weekend due to a fault with the telemetry link between race control and the cars.

Race control uses the telemetry to disable DRS in scenarios where drivers are not allowed to use it. This includes low visibility conditions, under local yellow flags and during the first two laps of a start or restart.

Due to the telemtery fault the FIA is having to rely on drivers not to use DRS when it is restricted.

During the final practice session Adrian Sutil activated his DRS while it was supposed to be disabled. The stewards decided against penalising him after Force India explained it had not seen the ‘DRS disabled’ message due to a power cut.

The same telemetry fault also means drivers cannot rely on their cockpit lights which communicate red, yellow and blue warning flags.

Nor will teams receive blue flag warning automatically via the official messaging system. “We will do our best to give as much information from race control as we can, however, it will be even more important that teams do what they can to ensure their drivers respect blue flags,” said an FIA statement.

Drivers will also have to activate the safety car mode on their cars manually if the safety car is deployed during the race.

2013 Australian Grand Prix

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