Maldonado: Williams are “back to three years ago”

2013 Australian Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Melbourne, 2013Pastor Maldonado said Williams have gone backwards after being eliminated during Q1 for the Australian Grand Prix.

“I think we’re back to three years ago condition in the team,” said Maldonado. “We need to work very hard to solve the problems.”

“The car is undriveable at the moment. We need to work very and see.”

Maldonado’s words are in contrast to his pre-season optimism when he described the FW35 as the best car he’d had.

“The track is completely different, the conditions, everything. For any reason we didn’t adapt our car to this track in whatever the conditions is,” he said today.

“On the wet we were slow, on the dry as well so we’ll see the pace for tomorrow seems to be much better but [qualifying] pace is really bad.”

Team mate Valtteri Bottas made it through to Q2, which will be held tomorrow morning due to a rain delay.

2013 Australian Grand Prix

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44 comments on “Maldonado: Williams are “back to three years ago””

  1. I see some on-track talent and also the courage to make bold moves, mistakes and learn from them and try to improve, but I don’t think this kind of of-track mistake = ******* in your own nest publicly, is as easily discarded as a young drivers mistake on his way up the grid.
    But if You wanted to make the dĂ©but in F1 difficult for the rookies You probably couldn’t have started of better.

  2. Yep just seen Q1, the car looks very very bad at the moment.

    At the point the Williams (I forget who) was being followed by Vettel it looked to be loosing the rear end and going wide while the Red Bull was on rails.

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