McLaren drivers back qualifying postponement

2013 Australian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Melbourne, 2013McLaren duo Jenson Button and Sergio Perez say postponing Q2 and Q3 until tomorrow was the correct decision.

“I think the FIA stewards made the right call to postpone Q2 and Q3,” said Perez. “The conditions were becoming too dangerous ?ǣ in terms of low visibility as well as low grip.”

“That was a really dramatic qualifying session, full of suspense and excitement,” he added.

“But, even though that uncertainty made things tricky for all the teams, I think our guys did a fantastic job. They kept calm and focused throughout the whole session, even in the gaps and delays, and as a result Jenson and I were always confident that everything was totally under control.

“We?ll have to follow a really tight schedule tomorrow ?ǣ including a very short turn-around between qualifying and race ?ǣ and that?ll be tough for everyone, especially the guys in the garage.”

Button believes the stewards “had no choice” but to delay the remainder of qualifying. “It was the right call to postpone Q2 and Q3 until tomorrow, for safety reasons.”

He added his sympathies for the spectators at the track: “That level of disruption creates quite a lot of mental and psychological stress for any athlete ?ǣ but it was even worse for the fans, who?d been waiting excitedly for qualifying all day long and who then had to sit in the pouring rain with no on-track action to entertain them.”

“So I?m very sorry for them, because the fans are what all sport is ultimately all about, but I hope we can make it up to them tomorrow by putting on a really exciting race.”

2013 Australian Grand Prix

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