McLaren’s Jerez test pace due to “unrealistic” set-up

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Sergio Perez, McLaren, Jerez, 2013In the round-up: McLaren say the impressive pace their car showed on the first day of testing was due to a suspension component being fitted incorrectly.


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How a factory mistake made McLaren unrealistically fast in Jerez test (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“A suspension component was fitted incorrectly to the new car ?ǣ apparently it was simply the wrong way round ?ǣ and the unexpectedly low ride height that resulted happened to work well at the Spanish track. Button set the pace that day, suggesting that the MP4-28 could be the car to beat.”

Ecclestone says Hamilton and Mercedes F1 team are dangerous combination (Autoweek)

Bernie Ecclestone: “Ron said that he could have kept Lewis if he had wanted to but he didn?t want to. Lewis told me that he would have rather taken a year off.”

On the line: Lewis Hamilton slams “dangerous” black paint on rain-lashed circuit (Mirror)

“There were a lot of white lines painted black. As soon as you hit those the car slides and aquaplanes and oversteers. That?s why you saw so many people going off.”

Button: Officials made the right call (The Sun)

“You can say 30 years ago that they probably would have raced in these conditions, but safety has come a long way in terms of the circuits and the way that we view safety.”

Ted’s qualifying notebook – Australian GP (Sky, subscription required)

An interesting view of Ferrari’s front wing, though ‘not too close or Ferrari will get cross’.

Ralf Schumacher moves into management (Reuters)

“Mercedes said the 37-year-old German had relinquished his seat in the DTM (German touring car) series for a new role as managing shareholder at RSC Mucke Motorsport where he will support young drivers.”

Mercedes will protect data from Honda (Autosport)

“Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff said in Australia on Saturday that a continued partnership with McLaren could not be ruled out, but that measures would be taken to ensure Honda gains no benefit from what happens in 2014.”

The Pursuits Interview: Monisha Kaltenborn (FT, registration required)

“At one end is a glass cabinet lined with more than 20 empty champagne bottles. ‘Each bottle represents a podium place. When the drivers are given champagne, the tradition is that every mechanic has to take a sip because they helped build the car.'”

Q&A with Pirelli?s Paul Hembery (

“Q: Who is the best driver when it comes to handling the tyres? You get the tyres back so you get to see who is using them or abusing them…
PH: Ha, everybody wants to draw that out of me! There is not really one that I would say is the best. There are races where one is using the tyres better than the other. Look at today ?ǣ this strange aborted qualifying session: Jenson Button went out on intermediate tyres when there were pretty much rain conditions and I thought to myself ??wow, that?s courageous?. He felt that he could manage that ?ǣ also on parts that were clearly pretty much under rainy conditions ?ǣ and he managed to get a time. These are things that are very interesting to watch: that mixture of ability, skills and experience.”

Sahara chief Subrata Roy faces arrest, SEBI moves SC (Deccan Chronicle)

Problems for Force India owner and investor Subrata Roy Sahara.

Rating Formula One Races by How Fans Might Fare (New York Times)

“The scoring system is based on 10 factors: history; seating, visibility and general comfort of track facilities; culture and nightlife, or what be called away-from-the-track life; general ambience and acceptance of spectators; total cost of the trip; activities at the circuit apart from track action; other support races and on-track action; transport to and from the track; expected quality of racing; and general tourism interest of the location.”


Comment of the day

MJ4 thinks start times for the major sessions at the Australian Grand Prix should revert to their earlier time:

I live in Europe, and still I hate this fuss about pandering to European audiences.

Anyone who bothers enough and feels the need to watch the qualifying/race live is going to watch it even at an earlier time.

Anyone who does not bother enough will watch the replay later in the day.

This set-up is favourable primarily to those who want their fix of F1 live but are not willing to get up early even during a weekend (when they could sleep it off immediately afterwards). That is basically the “I want the best of both worlds” crowd. I say, to hell with them.

(Sure, getting up at, say, 4:00am instead 7:00am would be a bit more inconvenient, but perfectly manageable. Now I have a qualifying till 2:00am, then a race starting at 7:00am. Great!)

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On this day in F1

Bruce McLaren won the non-championship Race of Champions at Brands Hatch on this day 45 years ago in his own Cosworth-powered car.

A second McLaren belonging to Denny Hulme finished third with Pedro Rodriguez’s BRM between them.

Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei