Rate the race: 2013 Australian Grand Prix

2013 Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Melbourne, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Australian Grand Prix.

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2013 Australian Grand Prix

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273 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Australian Grand Prix

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  1. Merv (@) said on 18th March 2013, 0:42

    I found it very enjoyable. When Alonso undercut Massa and came out on top after the round of pitstops I said to my girlfriend “Alonso just won the race”.
    In the next few laps it became clear Kimi was 2 stopping and then it was a case of working out the gaps, pit stop time and laps remaining. Suddenly a done deal wasn’t quite so done.

    There’s more than 1 way to win a race and Kimi handed out a masterclass today that was a joy to watch.

    I was at Silverstone in 2009 and it was obvious to me that Vettel produced something special and I imagine it was the same for the fans in Oz today.

    The people saying it was boring obviously forget Bahrain 2010, worst season opener ever.

  2. celler (@celler) said on 18th March 2013, 0:44

    For me it was an 8, not boring but nothing outstanding, but mainly because it’s the start of the season. As for racing just some brief moments like the start of the race by both Ferraris and Lewis (helped by Weber’s classic why bother to qualy in front row) or Kimi’s overtaking Hamilton in the first part of the race.

    What I liked was Kimi’s win, Sutil’s solid drive, and a good result from all the rookies by staying out of trouble in their first race.

    Didn’t like the lack of real racing (I think I’ll never going to get used to Drs and Pirelli’s “fat free” compounds ), it’s still unclear what the real performance of the top teams is. Of course -and my biggest dislike- the poor performance and strategies of McLaren this weekend.

    Hope Sepang will be better… And sunny

  3. photozen (@photozen) said on 18th March 2013, 1:15

    Overall, a good race, nothing spectacular in particular, good insights into team potentials, the strategy needs surrounding the new tire compounds seems to be a factor so far, we will see. I gave it an 8/10 for being a solid race, a beginning of a feel for the field overall and a few surprises, well sort of as i expected to sadly enough to have problems, williams, even Sauber. I look forward to next weekend

  4. F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 18th March 2013, 5:17

    those people complaining “there was no action” or “it lacked racing”, i can only wonder what race you were watching. if “tires were too important” or “too many pit stops” perhaps race cars are not your thing?

  5. MB (@muralibhats) said on 18th March 2013, 5:38

    A 9 for me. It was an awesome race and so much happy for Kimi! I just hope he keeps on delivering results like this. Less talk. More Results!
    Felt Sad for Fileppe. I think he really was outclassing Alonso during the race.

  6. jason101 said on 18th March 2013, 10:08

    Anyone know why some of the crowd were booing Vettel on the podium and during the driver interview? I thought that was quite poor form.

    • Merv (@) said on 18th March 2013, 17:00

      I thought I heard that, then the commentator said you can hear the support, so I wondered if it was an anomaly with the sound equipment or something.

      • jason101 said on 18th March 2013, 21:42

        It definitely did happen.

        There was a boo for the Victorian Premier.

        Then a boo for Vettel when he got his prize and again when Brundle talked to him.

        It seemed to come from somewhere in the group on the right side of podium on the track (always difficult to tell with general noise) but that’s what it seemed like.

  7. PJA (@pja) said on 21st March 2013, 17:42

    Almost forgot to enter vote in rate the race and driver of the weekend.

    I gave it a 7, I thought it was a good race but nothing special, as is the case now most of the overtakes don’t really impress me as they are either due to DRS or fresh rubber.

    Also I felt my enjoyment of the race weekend was probably hampered by only watching the highlights instead of the full race live.

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