Raikkonen says Lotus can rival wealthier teams

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Melbourne, 2013In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen believe Lotus can punch above their weight.


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2013 Australian Grand Prix – Post Race Press Conference (FIA)

“There was a big question mark last year in our team whether we can keep up with the bigger teams. Of course it?s not going to be easy for us. I?m sure we have the people, all the tools to make it. The money is a big part of the thing. For sure we don?t have the same budget as Ferrari or Red Bull or Mercedes but we could show last year that?? we did pretty well on the money and the things we have. I have no doubt we have the people and the tools but of course if we get more money it will help and it will give us a better chance and more fair play against the bigger teams.”

Red Bull blames tyres and temperature (Autosport)

Christian Horner: “Seb [Vettel] got a good start, he built up the lead that we wanted and then it was quite clear that the car was pretty heavy on the tyre.”

Sutil: More days like this (Sky)

“I was amazed that we could actually be competitive at the front. I gained my first position back after the first pit stop so the pace was really there. I could pull away from Vettel when he was running too close behind me, maybe he destroyed his tyres.”

Red Bull RB9 – hidden brake fluid cylinders (F1)

“For the first time in Formula One racing, the two brake fluid cylinders (shown in the inset picture) have disappeared from view in the Red Bull RB9.”

Ferrari finds new front wing is an improvement (F1 Technical)

“Ferrari have used their new front wing debuted at the final Barcelona test throughout the entire Australian GP weekend, showing it confirmed the new part to be an improvement for the car.”


Comment of the day

Cranberry has reservations about Pirelli’s choice of tyres for yesterday’s race:

I applaud Pirelli for acknowledging that the tyres are important in producing exciting races and their campaign to produce tyres that challenge the drivers to balance the way they push their cars around the track, but after seeing Sutil’s super-softs immediately melt under him and ruin what was a great performance I hope we don?t see the super-softs compound too much over the course of the season.

There?s so much negative comments about the tires but at least they?re the same for every single driver. Each driver can control the way they drive, and thus degrade their tyres, and push/conserve where needed. I really hoped for a weekend where they would have DRS completely disabled just to see one weekend where drivers did not have the option of waiting for the DRS zone to make their “pass”.

DRS often forces drivers to maintain the gap until the checkpoint so they do not get re-passed on the DRS zone, to think of how many potential exciting moves the drivers have decided not to make because of this unfortunate fact.

Pirelli tires, love them or hate them, are still much better for “the show” than DRS will ever be.

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