Button wants to emulate Ferrari’s 2012 fightback

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Jenson Button, McLaren, Melbourne, 2013In the round-up: Jenson Button hopes McLaren can recover from a poor start to the season the way Ferrari did last year.


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Ferrari’s late recovery last season gives Button hope (The Telegraph)

“There is that side of it, which is very positive. Fernando was one and a half seconds off the pace ?ǣ of us at the start of the season ?ǣ and almost won the title.”

Massa ’10 times better’ than 2012 (Autosport)

“The way I started the season last year is impossible to compare to the way I’ve started the season now. I feel much better in the car.”

Lewis: ‘Cover’ has been lifted (Sky)

“Martin [Whitmarsh] was fantastic when I was at McLaren. He was very open and he was allowing me to be myself, but I definitely felt from the get-go I had this cover over me.”

Zytek hints at 2014 F1 power unit (Racecar Engineering)

“The company stated on its Twitter microblog that its ‘development focus is now on Hybrid Systems for 2014 Regulations (F1 & WEC) but cant say too much about that at this stage. Maybe we will do a whole power unit ourselves.'”

Park Life (ESPN)

“This is how Pastor Maldonado’s race ended on Sunday. He actually went off twice in the race so maybe he was having problems with his brakes.”

Mercedes plan balance improvements for Malaysia (NBC)

Ross Brawn: “We didn?t quite find the correct balance for the race which compromised our ability to maximize the starting positions of Lewis and Nico. With the second race in Malaysia following this weekend, we?re looking forward to the opportunity to put that right.”

Goodwood sets out plans for 2013 (MotorSport)

“No current F1 drivers have yet confirmed their attendance, but seven of the 11 teams have pledged to be there. McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus, Caterham and Marussia will all send cars to run on the hill.”


Comment of the day

Most tracks will have two DRS zones this year but are they being put in the right places?

If you?re going to have two DRS zones, having two detection points is a must. Given they?ve decided to slather DRS everywhere this year, it?s the best of a bad situation.

But as others are saying this track shows the problems of DRS and having two zones. A driver with an equal or only slightly better car will do well to use DRS to get right up behind someone but not pass and use the second DRS to get clear of the leading driver so the pass won?t be undone next lap. Whereas a driver in a better car will fly by whenever. In both cases DRS is unnecessarily changing the race.

If you are going to have any system like this at all, and the need/want of such a system is obviously debatable, it needs to be a system that opens up more passing opportunities on other parts of the track rather than putting the one or two spots where passes already occur on steroids.

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