Caterham and Marussia considered merger

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Charles Pic, Caterham, Melbourne, 2013In the round-up: Marussia and Caterham considered merging their teams over the winter.

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Marussia held merger talks with Caterham (Reuters)

“Tail-enders Marussia considered a merger with Formula One rivals Caterham after the end of last season but abandoned the idea after initial talks, team president Graeme Lowdon said on Thursday.”

We can compete with Lotus – Alonso (BBC)

“Lotus’s pace was very good but nothing that we could not do.”

Q&A – Ferrari’s Domenicali on tyres, tactics and targets (F1)

“To start from a free position is what could make all the difference as you can push in any direction you want. ??Tyre watching? – to see how the degradation develops – is the name of the game throughout the whole race.”

Vettel sure of better tyre management (Autosport)

“I think we learned a lot, we can improve already for here. Generally nowadays there is no possibility to change the set-up for Sunday, so we are looking at a couple of things. There are lot of things we learned, a lot of things we still haven’t understood but then again it has only been a couple of days.”

Williams show power of family (The Telegraph)

“When I first came here, he was not keen on the idea at all. He didn?t want to be seen to have his children working at Williams. But his view, over the years, has softened ?ǣ he likes people who work hard.”

McLaren must improve soon to save F1 season, says Jenson Button (The Guardian)

“If I was in a smaller team, I’d be worried, but because it’s McLaren I know we can develop the car and find one that really works for us. I know we’re not in a great position, but I know we can improve.”

Mac will be back! Lewis Hamilton says his old team McLaren WILL get it right after miserable start (The Mirror)

“I am not focussing on them so I don?t really know what needs to be worked on. But what I do know is they are a fantastic team, which has great facilities and great people working there.”


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@Matt90 wonders why BBC left them vulnerable to ending up with just nine live races this year:

Wouldn?t it have been magical (not to mention painfully, obviously the sensible thing to do) if the BBC had decided to cover either of the first two rounds this year, and not select a ‘TBC’ race which clearly had the chance of never even happening?

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The last Mexican Grand Prix was held on this day in 1992. However the race has been tipped to make a return to the calendar in the near future.

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