2013 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2013 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sepang, 2013

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2013 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Bad day for Ferrari and Lotus. still I don’t think Red Bull is strong as recent years since they’re consistently chased by Mercedes which is not good race trim as Ferrari and Lotus.

        1. Ferrari and Lotus were both on track today. I’m not sure why Australia with very strange conditions (cold track) is the ultimate judge of race pace and today doesn’t count. The reality is we don’t have a clear picture yet, but today suggests Mercs & Red Bull are very close. Yesterday showed they’re the 2 fastest in qualifying again as well.

  2. Fantastic duels towards the end, between teammates. Nico should maybe have been on the podium instead of Hamilton. Respect to the teams who allow the teams to fight it out;-) Except Vettel ignored the team order to stay behind Webber, but very well driven from both drivers. And why did Ferrari not pull Alonso in for a new nose? And Ham’s visit in the McLaren box was hilarious:-)

  3. Vettel says on German TV that he is not proud of what he did and he first really realized it when he took of his helmet and saw that Mark wasn’t very happy. Mark said it straight to him immediately. He said he wished he could undo it.
    Personally I would like to thank him for bringing a very exciting duel to the fans. Luckily for RB it went ok for the total points haul and hopefully the relationship recovers enough. But in principle it is nice to see teammates being able to race each other fair – and the fastest driver won the duel at the front, which was not the case by Mercedes today. But a very good exiting race, except for Alonso fans.

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