Hamilton says Rosberg should have been on podium

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sepang, 2013Lewis Hamilton said he felt his team mate should have been on the podium instead of him after the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Hamilton finished third with Nico Rosberg close behind him. But Rosberg repeatedly lobbied his team to be allowed to pass Hamilton, who was backing off to save fuel.

Hamilton was quick to pay tribute to his team mate on the podium after the race: “If I’m honest I really feel like Nico should be standing here, generally he had better pace than me throughout the race. But he’s a great team mate and did a fantastic job today.”

“I can’t say it’s the best feeling being up here but racing is racing and I really just got to keep looking forward,” he added.

Rosberg said Hamiltons’ words were “nice to hear” and added he didn’t feel like the team owes him payback for his obedience:

“I understand I drive for Mercedes, for you guys at home who put your life into building this car over the winter and doing such a fantastic job. I’m pleased to be able to do such a great result for the team.

“But of course there’s a small side of me where I want to go flat out all the way to the end and we up on the podium myself. But the time will come for that.”

Team principal Ross Brawn repeatedly denied Rosberg’s requests during the race to be allowed to race Hamilton. He said the team were holding position after dropping back from leaders Red Bull:

“I think we obviously lost the race around the last pit stops,” said Brawn. “The prime tyre didn’t work so well for us in the third stint of dry tyres. Having lost it initially it was a question of bringing the cars back in the safest form.”

Brawn added they have cut it fine on fuel with both cars: “We were tight on fuel, the pace was a lot stronger in the race than we anticipated and we were tight on fuel and we needed to make sure we didn’t overdo it. Once the opportunity was gone there was nothing to be gained.”

He said Rosberg understood Hamilton would be expected to do the same under similar circumstances: “It works both ways, the drivers know that. We discuss these things before the race. Of course he’s very competitive and he’ll be a bit frustrated but it works both ways.”

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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  1. I don’t really see where the problem is, it seems that the team let Rosberg try to pass, Hamilton re passed him. The team saw that this fighting might kill the tyres and they both might end up 9th and 10th, yeah they were 15 seconds ahead of the next guy, but last year Kimi lost almost 10 positions in one lap, so when the tyres go they go so the team had to make a decision. Much like Christian Horner was trying to do at RedBull. Had Rosberg made the overtake stick the team would not have instructed him to move over. Anyway I feel Rosbergs chance went when he didn’t jump Lewis at the pits, Lewis was coasting for a lot longer but Rosberg, I guess because he was struggling with the Harder tyre, couldn’t bridge the gap and pass before the pits, that would have been the best way to pass. Anyway what happens in the reverse situation will prove their characters. Will Lewis hold position when his told to do so, will he be told to do so in the first place, we’ll wait and see.

    As for blaming Ross, I think thats pretty unfair, Ross has bosses who from whats been around want to get rid of him. So its very much unlikely that he anything he says is his decision. Much like Martin was handcuffed by Ron Dennis at McLaren, it seems Ross is handcuffed by Toto, and Lauda, after all its them who made Lewis signing.

    1. @Manu

      In every stop Mercedes pitted Hamilton first which is worth around 2-3 seconds at the beginning of each stint. During every stint Rosberg closed the gap to Hamilton only to lose all the hard work by being pitted second.

      1. He did indeed, however for the third stop, he dropped back a bit after putting the hard tyre on. I’m assuming the hard tyre didn’t work as well for him, he (Rosberg) was very close to Vettel but then started dropping back so was not able to challenge at the next round of pit stops.

  2. There’s a lot being made by people on here about Rosbergs being unable to make a pass stick and therefore he had his chance but couldnt take it. However on closer examination of the “passes” and “re-passes” something doesnt quite ring true.

    Firstly rosberg passing hamilton into the hairpin makes little sense as it would be obvious that hamilton would just DRS him down the main straight. Even if the first attempt had been on impulse surely rosberg would have learned his lesson and on the second attempt just used the first straight to close up and made the pass on the main straight.

    What i think was really going on was staged passes and re-passes in order to give hamilton DRS which would perhaps allow him to coast even longer down the main straight with the reduced drag and hence save fuel.

    The big giveaway is Hamiltons 2 re-passes both of which he completes before the start finish line around a 3rd of the way down the main straight especially the second one in which he re-passes quite a bit before the line. Even with DRS theres no way he would be able to pass him that soon down the straight if they were racing. I suspect the mercs were playing slingshots down the straights rather than racing.

    Other little clues also give the game away. Rosbergs laptimes on the laps in question were around 6-7 tenths slower, consistent with not giving it full beans on the main straight to allow hamilton to re-pass, Ross Brawn makes no mention of the overtakes when trying to talk nico down. I havent seen any comment from either driver in reference to the “battle” which i suspect is because there was no battle.

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