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Start, Sepang, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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388 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. The first half was a 10/10, the second half was a 2/10. So 6/10 overall.

  2. team orders made it too uncomfortable even for me a massive LH fan. Hope Nico gets this favour back soon.

    1. Thinking the same. Even though I want Hamilton to do better, not like this. I don’t want to see both those drivers in bad favour to each other. The driver with the better pace at the time should really be getting past. He could have easily eased passed with Hamilton needing fuel saving.

      Question is, did he actually need to save fuel, or was it just a way to give Rosberg a message to stay behind ‘fairly.’

      1. Not the first time Hammy has been fuelled light is it

      2. Hamilton was saving fuel for practically half the race, I truly wonder if they made such a large error in fueling and whose all was it. If it was a team call then Rosberg would have been similarity under fueled and dialing it up to charge would also have put him in dire straits. The fact remains he obviously had more on board at the time and could have safely gotten by Hamilton.

        There is another thing to consider, while it was not his fault he had a failure in AUS, Rosberg was behind in the driver championship at the time and while Mercedes would have the same overall tally for the race taking 3 points off Hamilton may make the difference between a flashy position in the drivers championship and falling to the wayside. Lets not forget Vettel beat Alonso by 3 points in the last Championship.

        Not saying I expect Hamilton to win the championship but Mercedes do need to really justify the decision to bring him on for that fat salary and the best way is to flatter their driver at every point.

  3. Exciting race despite team orders near the end.

    Some questionable events though:

    -Alonso staying out??
    -STR letting Vergne go, feel sorry for Pic
    -Force India pit stop fail….
    -Hulkenberg making slight contact with Raikkonen, luckily nothing happened

    Good race from Grosjean and Webber

  4. Possibly the most political race since “Crashgate”.

    1. But we didn’t know it was political then, did we? I’d wager to say this is the most political race in F1 history.

      1. More political than the Prost-Senna or Mansell-Piquet battles of the 80s with drivers getting preferential engines, (generally) fewer pit stops…
        Less political than Austria 2002? USA 2002?
        Somehow I doubt it.
        Intriguing none the less, will be a very interesting few weeks between now and China

  5. I gave it a 9/10 can someone tell me why Mercedes didn’t let Rosberg by Hamilton he was faster?

    1. Traverse (@)
      24th March 2013, 9:58

      Hamilton is the No.1 driver. End of. :-)

      1. I’ve not yet seen proof that Hamilton is top dog, not yet anyway

  6. Far too much tyre saving, DRS made passing far too easy in most instances & the 2 DRS zones caused artificial/gimmickey passing/re-passing in a few different cases which just showed how utterly ridiculous the DRS placement was.

    Red Bull fight was good, Mercedes team orders sucked!


    1. DRS worked fine, can’t see what you’re all upset about, VET even made his race winning pass in a non DRS area.

      1. DRS didn’t work fine, It made passing stupidly easy again in most cases!

        Yeah Vettel’s pass was outside the DRS zone & thats exactly why it was so fun to watch, However most of the other passes were made far too easy purely because of this stupid gimmick!

  7. 2 out of 10. One for Bianchi, half for Vettel-Webber duel, half for Massa’s late charge. Team orders led to -ve points.
    Vettel’s demeanour was as bad as Mercedes’s. Rosberg should have been allowed to pass. The two of them were so slow that they lost over 3 seconds in the last lap to Massa.

    1. The Next Pope
      24th March 2013, 10:05

      Here we go again, Bianchi really?
      How about Grosjean and Hulkenberg? Bottas surely deserves a mention?

      1. Yep, Bianchi really. Bottas did pretty well. Hulkenberg only proved what we’ve known so far, that he’s good in changeable conditions. Grosjean was made to look like a king by a Finn who stuggled like a pig..

  8. In normal circumstances the man in front has the choice to pit first when both front runners are from the same team. Seb clearly ignored protocol here and shows he’s prepared to win at any cost. Great race though. Webber unlucky but so was Rosberg which was team orders. Multiple 21.

  9. I was shocked at how much fuel HAM needed to save. Shocking battle between the Red Bull drivers. Will be interesting how that one pans out. I voted 7.

  10. What did Mercedes/Ross Brawn do? Utterly disgusting. Rosberg was robbed of a podium in broad daylight.
    Absolutely sorry for Mark. He did a brilliant job at the start. His teammate does not understand the meaning of holding station.

  11. 5/10, quite exciting at start but really no quality racing in the later half, some good driving by webber though to defend his place.

  12. Tyre saving sucks, 1/10.

  13. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    24th March 2013, 9:55

    Ross Brawn has just Barrichello’d Rosberg. *** Ross? Nico has been running better this whole weekend!
    and next time Webber issued an order, I think he shouldn’t obey it like Sebastian do today. no matter whay the consequences. just racing! If only Red Bull let them race before (2010-2011), there won’t be any awkward circumstances like this.

  14. Decent race, the best bit was the team radio. Fascinating stuff. Rosberg rightly ****** off, and Webber looks furious at Vettel. Clear refusal to obey team orders from Vettel there though.

    Great action though. Disappointed with Kimi today, a few stupid errors and took way too long passing Perez.

  15. Traverse (@)
    24th March 2013, 9:57

    Currently watching the podium interview, Webber is FUMING!!!

  16. The racing was great but this race left a very bad taste in my mouth. 7/10.

  17. The sight of Hamilton standing on the podium, smiling and waving as if he actually accomplished something, is revolting.

    1. Traverse (@)
      24th March 2013, 10:03

      When asked by Brundle, Hamilton said “It doesn’t feel right being up here”.

    2. He wasn’t smiling, and if you listened to him he said “Nico should be up here.” I have a lot of respect for him for saying that.

      1. How happy must Ham be not to be with Mclaren anymore..how many points I wonder have their ineptitude in pit stops cost them over the past 2 seasons..??!!! Button must be spitting nails!! I would be..!!!

    3. Did you see a different podium than the rest of us? Hamilton was clearly unhappy and acknowledged that Rosberg deserved 3rd place.

      1. Give Nico the trophy then

    4. It was a forced smile (at best).

    5. And in the light of this you’re gonna have to wonder, WHY did Ross Brawn bother with team orders there? Rosberg would have easily passed, it wasn’t like he was pulling what Vettel pulled on Webber, they weren’t gonna risk anything, they are not fighting for the title. Why bother trashing your image (and Hamilton’s as well), create tension in the team and between your drivers, for what? Because Brawn decided it’s best to gift Hamilton his first podium for Merc like this? So, for nothing basically…

      I don’t know which decision is more stupid, Brawn’s to contain Nico or Ferrari’s to not pit Alonso…

  18. Was Vettel was told to stay behind? There are strange comments if he wasn’t, Rocky’s ‘explaining to do’ comment, Christian Horner’s ‘this is silly’. Villeneuve vs Pironi all over again.

    1. Scrap that, Webber’s podium interview has made it abundantly clear that was the case. Can of worms right open.

  19. Very well played on the podium, Mark Webber, very well played!

  20. 7/10 great start, awful finish. Hammy pit, FI went bush league, Maldo as F1’s official source of comedy…

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