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Start, Sepang, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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388 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. 7/10 politics aside it was an eventful race. Webber had very right to be ****** as he was so much quicker in the final stint & pulling away before he was given the order to slow down & cruise to the finish only for Vettel to play the spoiled child. Should have been Webber, Vettel, Rosberg.

    Fuel & tire saving is a joke. I like the difference in tires giving many strategies a possibility but they should have enough sets to get through the race

  2. I have to say the fall out in the last 15 laps has rather left a bitter taste in my mouth. Webber on the podium looked like he’d love nothing more than to go into a dark room with Vettel and give him a right hook or two. There is no doubt that the racing between Vettel and Webber was absolutely sensational stuff, but it feels as though Mark was not fully prepared for that to happen until Vettel was right up his gearbox. I feel that was underhand from Vettel, if they’re going to race they should do it with both guys having full knowledge. And there was the stuff at Mercedes which was just ridiculuous, Rosberg should have been allowed to pass Hamilton. 6 out of 10. A shame really when the race probably merited an 8 on racing action.

    1. @debaser01 – The problem is, Webber has demonstrated he has no issues being “underhand” either, with regards to ignoring team orders.

      1. I presume you mean Silverstone 2011? Underhand is referring to the fact that Webber was under the impression BOTH cars would be managing the car and the situation to the end. Given Red Bull were clearly worried about making it to the end of the race with the tyres I cannot agree with Vettel ignoring the team order from Horner. Silverstone 2011 Webber might have ignored the order but Vettel would have been aware of that and kept his guard up; they both drove hard and fair and neither car was in danger of not finishing the race due to car/tyre issues that time. Vettel caught Webber off guard and that is the part that upset me and I think Webber as well. Webber loves to race hard, and if both of them had gone to the end with Vettel coming out on top then I am certain he would not have had a problem with that. He would have been disappointed sure but Mark Webber is the first to admit the better man won.

        1. I disagree. Maybe WEB was caught off guard when he came out of the pits but he held off VET then. He could then have turned is engine back up and defended (and I guess this is what actually happened). So the actual pass was fair and square. Arguably, he and his engineer should have pushed more on the inlap so he would have come out well ahead of VET, and avoided all this.

        2. Silverstone 2011 Webber might have ignored the order but Vettel would have been aware of that and kept his guard up

          Vettel came out of the pits near Webber in today’s race, and defended the position well. Then Vettel passed him on turn 4 of the following lap. How would Webber not have kept his guard up? Through total ignorance?

          They both drove hard and fair and neither car was in danger of not finishing the race due to car/tyre issues that time.

          How much more danger was there today? Hamilton was dropping back from the RBR pair with issues. The Red Bulls were pretty much fine.

  3. I’ve never rated a race as low as I have just done. I gave it a 2. It was depressing.

  4. 7.5, rounded down to 7. It was a good race with some great racing, but the win never looked like slipping from Red Bull’s grasp and the good battles were intermittent.

    .5 added for the ongoing handbags after the race!

  5. We all have lots of opinions on what is right/what isn’t but personally for a couple of hours there I was pretty highly entertained. 9/10

  6. I don’t get the hate on the Mercedes team order. Didn’t they do what Red Bull should have done? Hating on Vettel overtaking Webber when he shouldn’t, at the same time hating on Hamilton/Rosberg sticking to the team order? Hardly contradicting at all

    1. Speeding Helmet
      24th March 2013, 10:44

      Red Bulls order was to preserve both cars to ensure a one-two finish with no problems (no driver preference, even though Weber would have been quicker if he hadn’t deliberately slowed down on team instructions) – i.e. both drivers told to slow!

      Mercedes order WAS about driver preference and keeping the faster driver behind!

      Difference compared to the Silverstone order in 2011 was that it again fell into the driver preference category.

  7. I can’t understand why people feel the race was terrible because of the pit stop blunders, or the tense interteam rivalries. The politics, prat-falls and the passes all contribute to the excitement and drama. A dull 10 minutes at the end when everything settled down was the only negative.

  8. I gave it a 5. It started very well, and I enjoyed the formation running too because it was tense for a long while. The tension went the second that it became clear that Hamilton could not run at the pace of the Red Bulls. The bit of excitement from the Red Bulls was great, but cheapened upon hearing the circumstances of it. Watching the last 10 or so laps of coasting was incredibly dull, and overall I felt like I’d spent the race just waiting for something to happen that never really did. Plus, the DRS, particularly the second zone, was generally a joke. If we have to have DRS, it needs to be more like last week, with any overtaking happening right into the corner rather than halfway along the straight.

  9. 7/10 Decent race. Some good overtaking but the DRS was stupid. Lost so much respect for Vettel and Mercedes today. Ridiculous. 1/10 for that but purely on the actual race, it wasn’t bad, so I deem 7 a fair rating.

    Props to Bianchi on a good 13th finish.

  10. Gave it a 9. Despite the race turning out to be kind of anti-climatic, there was plenty of CLEAN action, suspense and surprising events.

    The race was sort of painful to watch from the perspect of (a Finnish) Kimi fan and Bottas didn’t quite make it to points. Some people should – once again – look at the instructions of the voting, you shouldn’t vote based on how much you like Pirelli’s tyres or team orders (which are completely legal).

    1. you shouldn’t vote based on how much you like Pirelli’s tyres

      But if the pirelli tyres affect the race in a way you dislike then I think you shoudl vote based on the tyres.

      I hate them, I hate the effect they have on the racing with tyre saving & stupid passing so i will vote races down if tyres play a big role.

      Same with the DRS, If passing is made stupidly easy its not getting a high mark from me!

      Today I gave it 4/10.

      1. Everyone’s on the same tyres, up to the teams to solve the puzzle. Give me ‘bubblegum’ tyres over processional racing every single time.

        1. You could have slightly more durable tyres & still have good racing.

          My problem isn’t with the tyres degrading faster than normal, Its the level of wear & the speed of drop-off.

          With things as they are you just have this stupid tyre saving all race & situations where drivers at different stages of wear are unable to race each other because of how massive an advantage fresh tyres are.

          Watching F1 now is so unsatisfying for me as the racing is becoming too artificial. I used to love watching a good race & a good racing scrap over positions, Don’t get the same level of excitement or enjoyment now because of these stupid artificial gimmicks.

    2. @tmekt – Yeah, I was hoping Bottas could catch Vergne for 10th.

      1. Yeah I would have won my money back from my other failed bets had he managed to do it.

  11. The race was entertaining to look at, wasn’t very entertaining to listen to. I found it quite fascinating, so I gave it a 7. Without the pit radios revealing all the team order nonsense it would have seemed quite different.

    Having them (the radio messages) so openly broadcast is quite risky for the sport and arguably damages it. Its one thing to speculate and joke about team orders, its another thing entirely to have them clearly heard and the frustrations of the drivers involved. Possibly going to be lasting fallout from this.

    1. Interesting point. Without team radio, we probably would have all been excited by the race and then would be totally puzzled by the mood on the podium!

  12. Team orders all around the front runners, an awful thing that left me with an overall bad taste when the race ended. Haven’t felt that way since a long time ago so I rated the race a 4. For many years people have criticized Ferrari for such orders but today it has been proven that all teams have being doing it openly or behind the scene when it was prohibited to do so.

  13. These bubblegum tyres are getting ridiculous.

    all race everyone was just saving the tyres, all you heard on the team radio feed on the pits channel was drivers been told not to race & to instead run to a delta time to conserve the tyres.
    thats why the mid part of the race was so dull, nobody was actually racing.

    also you had the dumb racing system making passing so ridiculously easy in many cases that it was just boring to see the passes occur.

    the best bit of racing in the drs zone was when raikkonen passed hulkenberg without using his drs as it wasn’t working. without his drs he got just alongside nico using the slipstream & then we had a real racing into the braking zone & a real overtake whihc kimi really had to work for at the end of it.
    just shows why drs should be banned!

    1. Agree with the DRS comment 100%.

  14. Good race…but would have liked if it was dry from the start..good battle..7/10
    Today Vettel just lost a Fan..

    1. But gained 7 xtra points. looks like he traded up.

  15. 8/10 for me. The huge gaps between knots of cars was the only real issue, and the team politics and personalities were fascinating.

    If I were Marigold, I would have said to hell with it and passed Lewis. Nico is in danger of becoming a bridesmaid a la DC. Much as I wanted the Red Bull team to support Mark Webber, Seb was right to take the opportunity to pass. In the end, an apology after the fact doesn’t cost him anything, and he gets the points. F1 isn’t road cycling – there’s very little chivalry involved.

  16. How can anyone rate this race a 1 or 2? Great drama, loads of overtaking, fights throughout the field, 9/10.

  17. 8/10 from me. Good racing actually, some gritty battles and lots of strategy. To top it off there was intra-team politics involved as well!

  18. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    24th March 2013, 10:51


    – The inter team battles between RB and Merc were so much fun to watch. People can get butt-hurt all they want about the politics, but Webber defending from Vettel was great fun to watch. (Webber forcing Vettel to the pit wall on lap 45 was dangerous, and reminded me a lot of the Schumacher-Barrichello move in Hungary ’10.)

    – Lewis is my favourite driver, and I’ve gained even more respect for him today, for admitting on the podium, that Rosberg probably deserved his position. Would have been good to see them race to the end, but i respect the fact that the teams want to secure the best possible result, and not risk anything.

    – Mark’s comments on the podium were just ace! And completely spot on.


    – The Merc’s fuel troubles
    – Lewis and Nico formation flying to the end was a bit of a kill joy, but i completely understand why.
    – Again, too many pit stops. Since Pirelli cant offer a tyre that’s any harder than what we saw today, then there is something fundamentally wrong with what they’ve made, because 4 stops is too much.
    – Would have loved to see JB get 5th, unfortunately Mclaren ****** up his stop.
    – Both Force India’s having to retire. I feel Sutil still would have beaten Di Resta anyway.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      24th March 2013, 10:56

      Also, let’s face it, Vettel apologising in the post race press conference. He’s not really sorry is he, I mean come on, really. He’s only apologising because he needs to maintain a respectable media image. He’s not actually sorry.

      Anyone with half a brain knows that.

      1. Massa obeys team orders…and gets bashed by all and sundry
        Webber ignores team orders….and is thought of as a hero
        Vettel ignores team orders…and is bashed
        Talk about double standards!!!

        1. Wouldn’t so its a double standard if you considered that earlier in the same race Vettel demands team orders to be used to advantage him. Then ignore them if they are against him.

          1. @wench – True, I was disappointed by him sayng that. But at least he dealt with the matter oon track, and won.

        2. Even worse is that people say Rosberg should’ve had that podium (bashing team orders) but say Webber sould’ve won (pro team orders). Anyway, good race by Massa, Grosjean and Bianchi?

      2. @tophercheese21 – True. I see nothing he even needs to be sorry for.

      3. @tophercheese21 +1. Sadly, I wonder whether Vettel actually does understand that Webber was right in what he said. Christian Horner and Helmut ‘I love Seb’ Marko will of course say to Mark that Seb made an error of judgement and that he won’t do it again, however I think we all know who wears the pants in Red Bull, and it certainly ain’t Webber.

      4. @tophercheese21
        Whether he is really sorry or not, it doesn’t matter. I mean, he had to apologize in front of the media, everyone would have done the same.
        He clearly doesn’t like discussing internal problems with the media, he said that he wanted to talk to the team before saying something significant.
        I think he managed the situation as well as he could.

      5. As he shouldn’t be.

      6. @tophercheese21 – agreed. I think he may have just been trying to salvage a team relationship more than anything, but he knew exactly what he was doing and I doubt he regrets his decision – 7 points is worth more to a driver than public admiration any day of the week.

      7. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        24th March 2013, 12:46

        IMO, what Vettel did was pretty ‘Scumbag Steve-ish” (meme reference), but at the same time, i can’t really blame him, he took a win that was there for the taking. Sure, it wasn’t what the team wanted, or instructed him to do, but i’d gladly take a bit of media flak, if in return i get a 4th world championship.

        If i were a 3 times world champ, and an extreme competitor, i probably would have done the same. Because at the end of the day, if Vettel wins the WDC (again), and it comes down this difference, then he’ll look back and be glad.

  19. I really don’t get it.
    Imagine Vettel hadn’t attack.
    Imagine those 13 laps, with Rosberg behind Hamilton, being much quicker, and Vettel behind Webber, being much quicker (new set of tyres against used ones from WEB). Just imagine! That would have been MUCH worse.
    Not defending Vettel here, but the race got better for it, not worse!

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      24th March 2013, 12:48

      Now that I think about it, i completely agree with you. It would have dropped the public rating for this race about 3 or 4 points. lol

  20. Regarding the intra-team battles, people must understand that Nico has 2/3 chances to get past Hamilton but never made it stick. He always got past Hamilton in the first DRS section, but Hamilton would repass along the front straight. Instead, he should have waited till the front straight to get past Hamilton.

    Schoolboy thinking there from Rosberg, and in the end I think Ross Brawn had enough of it and told them to cut it off. So, essentially Rosberg dug his own grave there.

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